Q0625. Can you feel each other?


I put an end to that relationship with my twinflame, because he is in a relationship. He is very angry and devastated. What I have now is that I can feel it much more at a distance. I blocked him on chat and I feel my body tingling when he wants to come online. As soon as I feel those tingling, I think to myself of “oh, he will be online soon” and yes, he will indeed be online. It seems as if I can also feel his state of mind. For a moment I am normal and the other moment I feel down and depressed. I also wake up in the evening, which is not normal and then I feel those tingling again over my body. At that moment I feel that he is awake and then I pray for him to make the process easier for him. Are there people who have this experience?

Answer 1
Of course you can feel each other. That is very common for twinflames. I experience it too. Do not always feel like it, however. And then I close myself off. Sometimes I want to rest my head and block it for a moment. But then it seems as if he is starting to pull all the harder and I have to let him in anyway. (Unknown)

Answer 2
No, I have never felt a tingling sensation. My twin worked alternately in a building on either side of the street and when I cycled past it, I could feel whether he was on the left or right side of the road in the building, it always gave me inside fun. I never actually went to see if it was right, I am not a stalker. I also do not intentionally cycle past it, just for work. I also do not deliberately cycle, I stay myself. Once I was in the same building as him, we didn’t see each other, we didn’t know each other. I was one floor higher and got a lot of jitters in my right hemisphere. The kundalini energy did its job. It was a hospital and I wanted to have a brain scan done on the spot, haha. I thought “You doctors, you should know, a miracle just happens here under your nose! “We can activate each other at all levels. I am convinced that we will put the evidence to the test again da! t that we are twinflames and that we will publish those findings worldwide. And that we will be taken seriously scientifically. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I do have the recognition of waking up at night. That already started on our vacation in Italy (where I met my twin) when we didn’t know anything yet. I suddenly woke up in the 2nd week, when they arrived, every morning at 6:00 am and it stayed that way for weeks. Later this changed to around 4.00 a.m. Afterwards I remembered that twin had told him that he slept so worthless on vacation and that he was awake so early every morning and could not sleep anymore… .. huh?…. So I remembered that about 2 months later. I also had a long time that I felt our energy flowing in bed every night before going to sleep. Tingling in hands, arms and legs. I don’t know if he has that either. Lately, it has been very quiet with that to my dismay. And that disappoints me. I feel him less and less. I suspect he is blocking me more and more. And that hurts me. I also have the recognition of that down feeling. I call that corners of mouth laa! g ‘feeling. One day I can feel very good myself, and still have a ‘mouth corner low’ feeling about me. Then I am almost certain that it comes from him. I also think I know when he likes me and when he doesn’t, and when he can block me successfully, then I don’t feel anything about him, nor about my own deep love for him. Then I can say ‘not available’. I think the less earthly contact the more spiritual contact. The advantage of only spiritual contact is that you will not be hurt as such by twin as can be the case in the earthly. It is the soul that you feel, but that can also mislead you. His soul is so very different from his behavior, ego in the earthly. His soul can give you the idea that he is getting closer while his ego does his utmost to stay away from everything. Difficult … (L.)

Answer 4
I recognize that, suddenly down while you feel great about it. Someone advised me to ground better. Then it comes in less. But I actually don’t know for sure if it’s not just my own mood. Hard to check. I also sleep poorly but can also come from sadness. The other day he just mailed out something between us at half past six in the morning because he felt he had to look at his mail. Yes there was an emotional nocturnal email. Now I am not looking for contact, express, to let him come back when he is ready. Or not of course but I will see that again. When I make contact again I am not sure if he wants contact or is just being polite. But your question is not about that. that come online, is that at any time? Because I always knew about when he would be online. So if you know that, it doesn’t really applyOh well it remains difficult, also think that we all want to believe that everything we feel belongs to the other. I felt his mood strong when he was with me. But I am very intuitive anyway so I have that with many more people. (Marcelle)