Q0623. Resonance?


Who can give me some information about resonance? I have employed several (energetic) psychologists / astrologers and I get different answers. With karmic love you have a lot of vibrations, you are on one line. Now I was wondering when someone is going through their transformation process, these vibrations can change. The 1 says yes, the other says no. Then you should be the same age with soulmates when you are on the same vibration. I don’t know what’s right anymore. Someone the correct answer how exactly this works?

Answer 1
I don’t think you should think about this, but just feel what there is, love is what it’s all about! not all soulmates are equally far in ‘age’, just as’ old ‘, so one may have learned a little faster than the other, but twinflames will trigger each other to end up at the same’ age ‘, so that in the long run’ together ‘can go further, can come together. (Unknown)

Answer 2
In my opinion, age has nothing to do with resonance. I can only speak for twinflames: my twin and I have had exactly the same resonance now and always and it will never change. This applies to all twinflames, otherwise they would not be each other’s twinflame , ha! Every soul has a certain unchanging vibration that belongs to that soul. (Unknown)

Answer 3
The energetic vibration decreases when both go into a transformation process. This is meant to be able to work “quietly” on one’s own process. You still feel your twin, but just less strong. When both are strong enough, this energetic will become stronger again until it is seen again. I am dealing with a twinflame and soulmate. For me now the resonance with my soulmate is very big. This can also change once I have endured my process with my soulmate. This way my twinflame also has its rest. So this is true idd. Gr (Alicia)