Q1026. Wish us luck


The time has come, I lost sight of my twin 5 years ago, the first thing I did was trying to forget with all my power, this was so difficult, I continued my life but after a year, grief struck the Shut up, then I briefly saw him again so that made everything worse, my power to find him was stronger but I thought fate would bring us back together. That was true, less than a year later I saw him again, a real miracle, but again it was too late for me to realize it. After that I continued to feel him much stronger for a long time and I was depressed for a whole year, what should I do now? Friends were seen in winter 2010, they called my name, I doubted, I went on? I don’t understand myself, it was disbelief I think, after that I decided to organize a trip to look for him, in his country, I have been searching for a month, without result, I had already been to his country but not really looking for one. Then I went back, in the spring, in the summer, and again in the winter, I began to realize that dimiracle way was, hopeless that I was, I started to think that maybe I should start a more intense search, if fate wants to bring us together, will it bring us together, but miss the fate that I am looking for him, that I make an effort for us? I feel it is time to take action, that is a feeling that plays with me, my best friend supports me in that, and I am grateful to him, we brainstormed and got ideas together to find him, okay I have no address or last name or even city. If God wants it, he will help me in my search, we have found a lot and am currently busy, I am going to take info in different cities and I keep all the small details in a folder. Currently I realized that I had the greatest opportunity through the media, so I just contacted a newspaper in his country and explained everything and had some sort of article posted, I don’t have much money but I am talking about eating less or buy something for him. I am determined, I have paid, and if everything goes well my article will be in the newspaper on Thursday, I do not know if he or someone who knows him will read it, I am very stressed and I am curious if someone will call me and I could make everything known in that other language, I do not expect too much from it but I hope with all my heart that happiness will come to us because we have already abandoned so much. Is there anyone who can feel something about this? I myself don’t remember anymore, hoping for victory, wish us luck!

Answer 1
I don’t think you will find him or her. If you are sober it is completely impossible. You will regret afterwards that your search has not succeeded in finding your way in the wild if you do not know where it lives, whatever its name is or whatever.

Answer 2
I think I learned today that some accidents can turn out to be lucky! If you met your twin, would you leave a comment like that? Because then you know that nothing makes sense? and that everything is possible with twins, it is pure magic and true love, and indeed most people are sober in life and then I wonder how can someone meet the right one if he or she does not believe this, that goes not at all. I am fully in a test period in which I am taught to believe and persevere, people like you help me on my way, I know this is a difficult situation, but I have already read much more difficult stories of twins, that came out, you shouldn’t read the book without you. Man can do a lot if he really wants it, and even though it might not work for me, there are still many people who succeed. I have already experienced many bad things but now I see where my biggest accident comes from, I would say for those other people never let negative people pull you down, you deserve to be happy. And God bless your soul, I wish you lots of love,

Answer 3
Dear Questioner, I wish you the best of luck in everything you undertake. What the outcome will be may not even matter so much. It’s about you and it’s your journey … safe speed 

Answer 4
Thank you answer 3, but the outcome is very important, ok the journey is also very important, but in the end we all have a life purpose and are we supposed to carry it out? I do not know what it will yield, I have to wait and see, I received a phone last night, my cell phone stopped and yet I woke up, it was a number from his country, they have my number anyway from the article, so it is a reaction to my article, but why does that person call at half past twelve? Is it a silly joke maker? The chance of that is very high, but it still gives you a sparkle of hope, one thing is certain I believe in it and I am not going to get anyone off my path anymore, I feel that I have to do this, I am going to call this number back, though it is a disappointment, because it can be good news as well as bad, but somewhere there is still a chance of good news, but I am really scared to call, I dare not well but after five years I really have to say it must, I must know how stressful it is , what if he is? If I would dare to say anything at all in that strange difficult language, I don’t dare I must, but I think I will drink a few glasses of wine, I will keep you informed,

Answer 5
Yes, I wish you the best of luck in finding your twinflame! I really hope you find him. If necessary, ask the universe for help and your guide what you can do. Be patient, many things just need time. Keep believing it will be alright! Have faith in yourself, in your abilities. I wish you lots of happiness and positive energy on your path. Much love.

Answer 6
So you are going on a world trip to find your twinflame. Good luck.

Answer 7
To all the people who support me here, a big thank you, I am so happy that there are people who believe in me (us) and who help me with their positive energy ff update the situation: so I had a newspaper article placed in the metro of that countryand in the end 2 people called, I could not answer it was sad and tried to call back but they did not answer, eventually 1 of 2 did and she said that she did not know what it was about and that she it certainly wasn’t the one who had called so that was really depressing !!! Eventually I lost all hope, until about 1.5 months later, after a long time, I came back on the internet, and therefore also on my Facebook, not having thought that my email address was also with the article, I happened to be very coincidental seen for the first time in my life that you can click on other messages on facebook, and I was very surprised, I had a few people who sent them to support me and thought it was very courageously beautiful and sweet what I did !! and then there was 1 who might change my life, I have cried with tears, apparently there is a woman, who is a journalist who wants to tell my story on television (from his country), she works for A of the most famous channels of his country, I am so upset because I did not expect this at all !!! I am really happy about it, just to think about it, I know this seems crazy to you, but for me this is a big step and I can’t just hold the bolder saying yes, I really have what if he rejects me or doesn’t want to see me anymore, or if I find out that something happened to him? or what if people laugh at me, or he laughs at me (even though I don’t think that about him) Being on TV is something that I am rather scared of, so this is really my biggest fear of finding my twinflame back, what would you do ? Let me know.

Answer 8
Claudia you are on the right track! Hold on to your own good thoughts and follow your good feelings, this is the most important thing in your entire journey. These two are your guidelines throughout your life. I wish you all the happiness of the world!