Q0621. On vacation and then?


I am on vacation and have a lot of distractions from skiing. But apart from skiing, even during breaks, I feel intensely sad because I miss my twin so much. I have been doing so well over the last few weeks, I was able to give my twin a rest, even though it will take years, and be satisfied that he exists and that I can feel that love for him. And very sometimes for myself. But now I am on vacation, and my desire for my twin is getting bigger every day. He is also skiing I know. And he knows that we are skiing, both in a different country. However, I see him everywhere! Everything and everyone reminds me of him. It drives me crazy! How is it that I cannot fall back on my good feeling, that I lose my grip, that I have faith in God, the Universe, us as a twins loss? I want to continue to feel good, but I am very emotional and I feel that I have been thrown back months in time with my feelings. Or come! Isn’t it because I can’t pull back into myself enough? Can’t walk with the dog and ‘meditate’? Who has experience with this and has tips for me to regain my good feeling? It is a wonderful vacation and I am struggling. I’m SO faint about this!

Answer 1
Dear L, Yes, that is because you do not have a moment to be on yourself and to meditate. I had it the last summer vacation too. Could not find my turn at all the first week, and felt bad. Then it changed because I got a very big sign of twin. Then he was very close again. For now, try to accept that you feel that way for a moment, and know that it will pass quickly. In your head you can always retreat for a moment, if necessary when you swoop down a slope. Then concentrate on what makes you feel good and enjoy. Send him your love in mind. It really works. Love (unknown)

Answer 2
My tip is not to go on vacation. I know vacation is sacred in this country, but if it pulls you out of your context (did you feel good at home?) I would just stop vacationing. does your twin want you to do other things? Or that you are looking for goals other than skiing, things that have to do with YOU. My twin wants that too. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Dear L, from here a big hug for you! I recognize your feelings very much, those holidays are the hardest, I also just booked a camper holiday for the summer, I am already looking forward to it. Cozy with the family on 10 m2 for 2 weeks and the privacy of a toilet at the campsite, grrrr. The whole twin event, that “other world” seems miles away. Try to meditate while “sleeping” and possibly take an extra afternoon nap or something, listen to music that makes you happy if possible. It is a tough lesson in (self) confidence, you will come out stronger the more often it happens. It’s great that you can still view and post on this site, but I know exactly how you feel, hold your head! (J.)

Answer 4
Thank you answer 1 and dear J. for your hug (yes it is very nice to be able to concentrate on the twinflame happening here too, if I don’t do that, I will be very restless) This is my first vacation again and it overwhelms me how it can throw you back. Today things are considerably better. Making a choice makes me feel good, having a nice day out of it and having to spend as little time with twin as possible, just sending him away, I manage quite well. Thank god !! But answer 2; are you really sure that when i’m not feeling well, twin wants me to do other things? Doing more with him? Because, conversely, I don’t think he does that. He is also enjoying skiing and I do not feel that he is feeling restless. I don’t feel anything about him. See also rotten few signs. Moreover, I feel better by NOT being so involved with him. Let him … Can you describe to me how it works for you? And does your twin know about you ?! X (L.)

Answer 5
I am answer 1. Yes, it is something, those vacations. I myself also arranged the summer vacation again. It’s not that simple to not go if you have a family. I can’t just think about myself and I don’t want that either. I also enjoy vacation in my own way. Nice outside all day, camping, and sun. I do make sure that I withdraw from time to time with my diary or with a nice book. I consciously make time to get in touch with my twin. That helps. I also like to be alone and I will encounter that in those weeks. What is very strange and what I have noticed is that the greater the physical distance between twinflame and me, the more intense the contact / telepathy. As if he is pulling harder on me. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I was answer 2: My twinflame doesn’t want me to be busy with him, my twinflame wants me to be busy with US. So our joint process. He doesn’t even want me to interfere with his private life. The joint process goes on there and support each other when needed. Example: if something goes wrong at work, not a little but really gets out of hand, then he immediately seeks support at an energetic level. Then I have to support him energetically. (together we are stronger) until it goes again. This cannot be postponed, it has to happen immediately. Actually we work together 24 hours a day. It rarely happens that I don’t feel it, the last time was Christmas and New Year , then he was busy moving. But after that he was all the more prominent.Then he sent me out to find our common past life, I had to be busy again. So that goes back and forth. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I am curious whether during the holidays there will be no quarrels about soul love or twinflame happenings. On vacation, pent-up tensions and feelings often come up? )

Answer 8
Everything goes on as usual, all the things you were used to doing, vacation, family, all signals are on red, signals, alarm, everything goes off, not only with me but also with my partner, but everything has to go on, just his course .. let’s just give the universe so many signals and yet … Isn’t it time we listen, see and act? Do you not have those signals? (Unknown)

Answer 9
Sorry answer 4 I had just read over your last question. Yes, my twin knows that he is my twinflame. He is also open to it, is quite far in his consciousness. done the canvases about our past life, with videos and photos and text. On a website and he reads that. I’m so happy that I can tell him that way, no one else needs to know just us. And yet it’s for everyone published. It is nice to tell our story without explicitly mentioning our name. I don’t do that because I find that frustrating for his intimates. Feel heavenly again.

Answer 10
Answer 7, yes vacations are always very “nice” to throw pent-up tensions out and then it is quite an art (actually a very difficult task) to let go of the soul love part and to remain pure on the basis of earthly arguments, a make a pure translation into the earthly, overlapping part. It would be very easy for me to throw the twin story on the table and I could hide everything under it. But if you have a very earthly and verbally very strong partner, who has a very good heart but is unable to make the translation (is part of his blueprint), that is not an option because you then close all doors and then is it over and out. Then you no longer have the opportunity to work out karma with your current partner, a bit complicated and maybe crooked for some, but that’s how it works for me, you think you understand me. And yes, that makes such a vacation extra hard. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 10, I think I completely understand what you mean. I got the same. I keep everything to myself because there is no one with whom I can share this, fortunately here and on various other sites. When does karma with your earthly partner actually end? Do you know that? When is it ready? (Unknown)

Answer 12
Hi answer 11, Yes, when does karma stop with your current partner, I think you only know that yourself if you stay very close to your feelings…. I sometimes wonder why I was allowed to get to know from above how my marriage would end and then I just have to wait and see (maybe because otherwise I would have already dropped the ax?), therefore very important to be close to yourself stay. I know I had to work everything out with partner and only up there do they know when that is, I also know that I had to let partner grow in my spiritual development and I am working hard on that but that is not easy. Sometimes I get very far, to a certain extent, but then I always run into a wall. Yesterday I showed him a book “by chance” what I was reading (the soul journey), and hoped to get an opening again, but then he reads the 1st and last page and responds immediately skeptically, then reads the word “ve! rlichting ”and goes on tilt and immediately starts talking about pastor chatter, scientific evidence, etc. Then I immediately remember why I will never be able to talk about twin, so difficult! and yet I can’t think of any earthly reason to leave my partner after 30 years of being together and sharing joys and sorrows and I also know that that is not the intention and so I just go on and trust … which is not always not so bad, especially when doubt and despair sometimes strike hard, pfffffff. And yes, if you are completely filled with earthy things, arguments, conversations for weeks on end during holidays

Answer 13
To answer 12; thank you for your answer to my question (11). You know, I recognize your story to perfection. I have also been with my partner for a very long time and I love him very much. That is really true. But I also run into a wall when it comes to spiritual things, and everything for which there is no scientific evidence. That sometimes makes me so deeply sad that I lie very quietly in bed crying (because he is next to me and I don’t want him to notice). The hard part is that I feel that at the moment I cannot go to my twin with everything, because it is itself in a big and painfully slow development. He would not yet understand. A little. So actually I am completely alone, only with what I call God, but I also understand my guides. They support and help me. Nobody does this in the earthly. I have often wondered what my karma is with my husband and I always end up with the same thing you say; him a bit! show that things can also be different, that there is more between heaven and earth, and how you can stand in life. But where does that end? My husband is absolutely a very sweet and good man, very patient and also very kind to the children. I really have nothing to complain about. I don’t do that either. I just miss an important piece and I have known that for a long time, namely spirituality in our relationship. With my twin I have experienced several times what it is like if you can talk about this with each other, he is much more open to things like that. And yes, that gave me a good feeling. It is tempting to think that he would fit me better. But I think that remains to be seen at this stage. He just isn’t really developed far enough to be completely pure for a relationship with me. And maybe not even myself, although I am a little further advanced I think. No, I can and should not do anything at all now except for an s! make ucces of my marriage and show my husband and children that everything in life also has a spiritual side. With my children that works out nicely, they also handle it very nicely and naturally. As I said before, I run into a wall at a certain moment. I could never hurt the people I love (husband and children) for my own happiness. Then I would rather continue as I have done for years and wait until the next life. Because I really believe that I will be born again after this, and new round of new opportunities.

Answer 14
Love yourself, how long are you going to deny that, silent crying because you don’t want your partner to notice, is that the intention? (Unknown)

Answer 15
your twin is not far enough yet, you are happy in your marriage and want to make it a success, well then it is no longer difficult for you (unknown)

Answer 16
Dear A, yes, how often I did not cry quietly, sometimes for a whole day and then I almost had to hide and hide in the evening because that is of course visible to your environment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk about it with Twin either, because he kept denying it, so difficult because I kept doubting about it. I have 2 dear friends with whom I can talk about it and who really understand, I would not know how I should have “survived” different periods. And those children of ours haha, they are all new age children, mine are typical examples of that. My youngest is really an old soul in my opinion and I am amazed by statements he makes, even if he touches me with his hand or puts an arm around me you do not have the feeling that you are dealing with a child but with an old way adult, It is difficult to explain, but his hand certainly does not feel like a child’s hand, then you are really holding something or something! something. Sayings like “it is not bad at all when you die, because you will get a new life afterwards”, or “mom, you have 3 eyes hey with which you can see everything” to which I am surprised to ask where my “3rd eye” then and he knows how to point it flawlessly. Or that time when a call was made at 8 a.m. in which I asked in surprise, who could it be, to which he replied “yes, mom, that phone goes to say that …” he also unknowingly knows how my relationship will be end. My daughter also makes statements that I think ????? , found a drawing under her pillow last year and I was shocked, it was signed and written how my relationship will end, I did not dare ask her about it and I put the drawing away. I am now used to this kind of special things from my children, but when my partner is confronted with this, he always reacts very skeptically towards children, so that “that doesn’t exist at all! that understands! you do! ”, such a shame, new age children need a special approach and often cannot do much with an earthly approach / upbringing. Nice job for us! love, and you can also email me, address known to the editors. (Unknown)

Answer 17
Yes…. man …. children …. karma… .. lessons…. I, too, have 20 years of experience of occasionally lying crying beside my husband. Feel misunderstood. Not being able to convey to your husband what you actually want to say, what you feel. Although I must say that this applies in our relationship to the giving and receiving of mutual love. That is the biggest stumbling block in our entire relationship. Blocked in giving (he) and receiving (me) love. This has left a big mark on our marriage to date. Yet we could be soulmates. Although it is really dredging between him and me at the moment. I can have nothing from him and he nothing from me !!! But on the other hand, from the very beginning I can just talk to my husband about twin, about my insights, about the changes etc. He is skeptical when I talk about the new time etc. but on vacation, when I had to cry terribly one night due to a lack of twin, he came to me! I stand in the bathroom and have talked for an hour about how I felt, what is going to happen, what this will do to me, how I change etc. You know what he said: ‘actually I am a bit jealous of you . ” Living from every cell in your body, knowing that there is a purpose in your life. He would like to feel the same way. He clearly lifts with me on my transformation. Is also very much transforming himself but is going at a much slower pace. I now also try to teach my children that you can achieve more with a positive view of the day than with a negative attitude. They even apply it, and it just turns out that it works !! My oldest daughter once had an aura reading, where this woman told us that she was spiritually further than me. haha …. We both thought that was very beautiful. From the beginning I have noticed that she is different from others. She would be able to meet her twin only later, although she is now wholeheartedly! I don’t want to, after seeing how much sadness it has caused me that twin and I have no contact anymore. Terribly interesting material all but sometimes so difficult to be in the middle of it. (L.) after she has seen how much sadness it has caused me that twin and I no longer have contact. Terribly interesting material all but sometimes so difficult to be in the middle of it. (L.) after she has seen how much sadness it has caused me that twin and I no longer have contact. Terribly interesting material all but sometimes so difficult to be in the middle of it. (L.)

Answer 18
Answer 14, I am from answers 12 and 16, the spiritual path, your own unique path, you walk alone and therefore it sometimes makes you feel lonely and sad, has nothing to do with loving yourself. It is an earthly misunderstanding (ego) that you should share that with others or with your partner (allowed, but certainly not necessary). The fact that you run into walls at some point means that you can sometimes feel very powerless and sad, and why should you not be allowed to cry inside yourself? My path is also lonely and alone and that applies to everyone who reads and posts here, but we are all here to grow and everyone does it in their own way. Do not judge but respect that everyone finds their own way to love, left or right, everyone’s path is unique. You can never fill in for someone else how he should follow his path, the 1 feels compelled to put an end to his earthly relationship (for which I have great respect) e! Another person “knows” that time has to do its work (which is certainly not the easiest way !!), you really only know that yourself. Your answer sounds judgmental in my eyes and maybe you don’t mean it that way, but don’t respect and judge !! Love (Unknown)

Answer 19
Hi reply 18 , yes I can imagine that it will happen, it is something of myself, because I felt it differently, I understand you completely and it seems to me very difficult if you just have to wait, you have to surrender , (whatever I do) yes what is more difficult, you did not want to condemn, I am sorry .. it is very difficult to feel powerless if that is your path, I wish you a lot of courage, perseverance and love in it continue your way, love. (Unknown)

Answer 20
Dear author of answer 16: What a beautiful story about your children. That I am very recognizable to me. SO incredibly recognizable. And what are you right when you say that these children require a special approach. You really have to take them seriously, and you can talk to them about things like this at their own level. So beautiful. My partner is also quick to call on them that it is all nonsense. But they know better and always come to me with their questions and stories. That makes me so happy. My children have also made many statements that refer to my twin and me. I sometimes fell backwards in the beginning. You get used to it. But not only the children, but also other people say things (unconsciously) that reveal so much about twin and me. That is almost pure magic, if you have eyes and ears for it you will hear and see more and more. May I ask how your relationship will end? And how do you feel about that science? How can I ask the editors for your email address? I don’t see a link for contact anywhere? Love, (A.)

message Dear A. would you like to give your email address to the editors in order to receive the requested email address? (Dear A, I will answer your last question by e-mail, I have arranged your e-mail address for you, you can simply ask the editors by answering the question.)

Answer 21
Lying still, I have never done a whimper. I damn it, it has nothing to do with happiness when you lie down and sniffle. For whom, actually? find it best, as long as he / she is not bothered by you and your twin too much (Unknown)

Answer 22
Answer 21, I think crying is a very natural reaction when you are sad, and your spiritual growth is not just happiness, it is a difficult path, but maybe crying is more like women, I also like that a man who would rather not cry, because men don’t cry haha ​​is all ego I think. (Unknown)

Answer 23
I think crying is okay but SILENTLY lie down crying so that the other person is not bothered by it, I would never do that. I meant my answer 21. I am also a female but not a silent lady, I roar it out. No solution but the air cleared. (Unknown)

Answer 24
I have also felt lonely for years and have been crying in bed or when I was alone. Then I thought what kind of karma should I work out with him if he cannot or will not get rid of the drink and promises to get better and then falls back into the same thing. After a marriage of 25 years, in total I have been with him for 30 years … the last 10 years I have only faded myself to keep the sweet peace … (we have 3 children together) lost all friendships because he drank an annoying drink had… I finally made the decision last year and chose for myself. I had completely lost myself somewhere 10 years ago … I met my twin last year (I did not know then) and after a turbulent period in which I found myself again and the twin suddenly stopped seeing it, I am back. I don’t think it has anything to do with karma … the measure is full sooner. (Unknown)