S271. I always felt that I was missing something without him


now 28 years ago, he knew, but couldn’t do anything with it …

I was 17, he was then 20. For me, he was support from day 1, especially allowance .. and an ooh so strong attraction towards him, which I did not know what to do with.

28 years ago we were colleagues, when we were all around each other, we could not stay away from each other, while he was already in a relationship with his present-day wife.

That is now 2 years ago that we met again, the 1st time I saw him again, I knew, I was home, I got divorced right away, much to the disbelief of my ex-husband.

There were very many obstacles, especially from his future ex-wife.

Yes, we had a love affair, and since we were both still married at the time, it felt good, not cheating, just coming home.

We are finally together now, he is in the process of divorce, which is quite opposed by his upcoming ex-wife.

Together with him, I can handle the whole world, feel complete now, always without him feeling that I was missing something, was not complete.

The most special thing for me was that 28 years ago, when I went to work somewhere else, he had to say goodbye, he said to me … now I let you go, you are still so young and playful, but one day I will meet you, I’ll never let you go again!
That we both dreamed of each other without having actually seen each other in our dream, but in terms of feeling.
When we saw each other for the first time after 28 years, we felt welcome.

Eroticism was so intense, during intercourse it is as if we are actually merging, in all areas!

The soul love feeling: he is in my blood … he is my heart, my oxygen, my soul, my spirit, I can’t live without him, I can’t live.

We are finally together now!

Everyone has only 1 soulmate in my opinion, 1 true true love in his life, with which you have also had an intense relationship in your past life, you belong together in every life you live.