Q0620. Eye contact with your twin?


No matter how confronting it felt, I usually thought it was heavenly to look into my twin’s eyes, but recently he walked past me on a festive occasion and the moment he looked deep into my eyes I was shocked. No matter how much I thought I loved my twin, at that moment it seemed as if I was face to face with intense bad energy. I am completely confused now and I no longer know what to think about twin love. Since then my feeling for him has also changed, is your twin really as gentle and loving as you are? who also recognizes this and can give me tips?

Answer 1
Your twin is your reflection … so fill it in. What you saw is probably within yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Perhaps the ego was somewhere in between with him fear maybe for his feeling so you put on a harness around you and you don’t want to touch it and ego is a very powerful thing. I have seen someone who was so in his ego (not my twin happy) that it was as if you were looking at the devil’s indulgence anxiously and wholeheartedly, I tried to break through this and I only succeeded the next day, was someone who was dear to me but could occasionally show a huge ego when it was difficult. Also a nice person sometimes has this because you are sometimes damaged by life, by circumstances … strength and love for you. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I have seen it twice with my twin, the 1st time I was completely upset and also started to doubt and the 2nd time it was idd just like the devil’s himself, I then realized that I actually saw a lot of fear in his eyes. Incidentally, it never made me doubt my love for twin. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, I do have a picture. My twinflame explained in a symbolic way what we are going to do together and that it is still a matter of time. I saw from him that he is totally unaware of that message Sometimes I also see ourselves working there together. Once a week or so. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Sometimes it is very difficult to keep your distance if you know something about a joint future, I think Tiny has written a piece about it. You then act unconsciously “own” while the other person is completely unaware of this and that scares off, yes and then you can sometimes have fierce confrontations, especially when it concerns your twin. (Unknown)

Answer 6 Reply 4
, if looks could… .. haha, suddenly a light comes on, I don’t know for sure what you mean but 213 was not mine, it was then passed through me that that could be the reason, love (unknown)

Answer 7
Yes that is always such a big disadvantage of only eye contact between twins, so much is going on in you and the other that big misunderstandings can arise very quickly if you cannot talk about it with each other, stay very close to yourself and don’t let ego guide you. I also just discovered a very important puzzle piece that made it escalate between twin and me, a story that went into the world but did not come from me haha. (Unknown)