Q0609. Twinflame meeting just before marriage with someone else?


Who also met his twinflame for the first time while he / she was about to get married to someone else, say, until about two months before the upcoming marriage? And how is that marriage going now? The reason for such a time of meeting, so meeting before marriage instead of after, is that a karmic reason? I myself think that such a time says a lot about the further course in the life of both twins. Or does it not matter, what do you think?

Answer 1
My twin opened the door and I knew immediately that she would very soon meet a man, get married very quickly, and move to another city. During those thoughts I already loved her, unconditional love, and in everything she was very attractive to me and I felt that it was mutual. Because of the way we dealt with each other and our appearance, we had a lot of attention on the street or wherever we were. Thirty years later I found out that she wanted to marry me and I didn’t want that, I found soul love and I don’t think you can chain. And that is why I think I was not at her wedding, because I am not sure how the family would have reacted if I had been there. At the first meeting I knew immediately that I would see her again later and that happened, a few months ago at work. About two years ago I suddenly saw her in a dream in which she was condolencing! because of the death of her parents, who died in a short period of time and I was able to effortlessly trace the years in which they died while I had no contact with her in 28 years. I find this very special and at the first meeting I immediately felt that this meeting was very special. In the meantime I also know that she is married for the second time, but whether that has to do with me I am not concerned at all. At the last meeting and that was at work, I felt that we still love each other very much.

Answer 2
my twinflame knew before we were married that we were twinflames, but he is still married. That was also the end of the story for me, I am a Christian by faith and for me marriage is sacred, something like marriage is not something you do just like that. It was clear enough for me then that he apparently did not love me as much as I love him. for why else would you put your twin aside and enter into a sacred soul bond (marriage) with someone else for the rest of your life. he made his choice and it didn’t fall on me. I have no idea what his marriage is like now, but I often feel that things are not going the way he had wanted. Unfortunately it is too late now and he will have to live with his egoistic choice for the rest of his life. I will continue my life myself, now I am open to many more things and I see what comes my way. In love and light. (Unknown)

Answer 3
To answer 2: And what if your twinflame had to marry temporarily for karmic reasons? I have also been raised Christian and the Christian doctrine stubbornly refuses a temporary marriage for karmic reasons. with those who are met (literally) again in this life for karmic reasons, they are stored by the soul. And many hundreds of years later sometimes one has to finish or correct something with that person, and then those same emotions flare up again, are always been latent all those years. Until the karma is over. Then one does not have to go further together from the universe because the sacred task that is karma is then done. But the Christian doctrine does not come further than that process. Why is I a mystery. I think because people are afraid of their own karma,

Answer 4
to answer 2 what anger I hear from your answer .. a marriage on earth is a learning school, is a union between 2 people who love each other, yet if you have once felt the love of the soul then the question of what to love is traveling, the way I see it now, I love my partner as a brother .. every relationship brings you a little closer to your twinflame. as short as you see it, maybe your twin still had something to work out, to reimburse his partner, karma from a past life .. that is also important for your twin connection. and Christian raised are perhaps many here but that does not mean that that is your truth, all those laws of the church, I have found my own faith and it gives me safety and trust and indestructible faith in god (= Love) and a you may dissolve a marriage, it is nl. not conceived by god but by people, is an earthly institution. you and your twin are connected by god / universe, that is the true soul connection and yes very sorry for you that it went like this but try to think of him in love, strength and love (Unknown)

Answer 5
I totally agree with answer 4! Thank you Liefs (E.)

Answer 6
Reaction to answer 4. I agree with answer 1. Yes, what you say is entirely agreed, that’s how I feel it and my soul love is the woman of my life and my wife also feels that intuitively and yet I want to stay with both women . I find it all very complex, but I am over and over for the emotions of twin I did in the beginning because of the intensity, but I don’t do that anymore I want to completely collapse and a lot of both women to love. Every time I write about my twin on this site I am totally out of the world every time. What the hell is that? I often struggle to finish a story well. I write very differently on very different topics. The intensity comes over me every time and sometimes at inconvenient moments. I notice that since I met my twin at the office, that the sad feelings keep disappearing more and more and that I feel happier. Maybe I’ll talk to her this year, I’ll really like it. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Answer 2, seek the love in yourself then you will start to see it differently and you will not see it as egoism but as karma. Even though I recognize your anger in your writing, it has brought me nothing but that I started to feel even more annoying. Let go of your anger, lower your wall and feel the love in yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 8
To answer 6 yes that love for everyone is there, beautiful Twin love .. my heart / soul goes out to (belongs to) my twin and then there is also room for other lovers, from that basis I can function, that feels honest to me, that’s how I want to be in life! (Unknown)

Answer 9
Answer 8, multiple lovers? if you have a twin? what should I imagine, sort of Anton Heyboer? Look love do I also feel for everyone but several lovers? no that does not work for me that way, or maybe I misunderstand you (unknown)

Answer 10
Yes Answer 9 You misunderstand me, there is only one loved one left for me and I would like to experience love with that and besides that there is love for others (loved ones). I can / will not be with anyone else as lovers anymore, that is what I mean, my answer was a reply to ANS. was a separate artist by the way that heyboer (Unknown)

Answer 11
Thank you answer 10, luckily, take my heart. (Unknown)

Answer 12
Fortunately (Unknown)