Q1270. Soulmates and twin?


I have come across a few soulmates for my twin and a few behind them. Still, I wonder what the reason is that some
soulmates come back into our lives, and last but not least I got in touch with someone I suspect was a soulmate, he is now in a relationship and has a child. He thinks it’s strange that in those 8 years he wanted to get back in touch with me at exactly the same time as I did with him.
What could be the reason for this? Maybe we should learn something from our soulmates before we can or can be back with our twin. soulmates
stay exactly for a certain period in my life and then disappear again. What do we learn from each other? And why can’t we keep in touch? Although my twin is the real twin, I have found that he is my true and my feeling with him is the strongest, but those encounters with soulmates give a strange after-feeling. What if we only have soulmates in different levels, can we be sure that there is also a twin and what makes that person a true love, have you already had the most lives with him? Do you always have the biggest goal with him? In short, what is the sense of soulmates when you have met your twin? Or only one person from the soulmate group meets their twin and they have to support and prepare the rest for a future (over life) encounter with their twin, we have to make them more spiritual,

Answer 1
Yes, I often think that only 1 soulmate from the soul group meets his or her twinflame and pulls the rest of the soul group along
. That applies to my twin and me. His wife (who is a reincarnation of Bernadette Soubirous) and my twin, their children, my son, they are all from the same soul group. Only my twin and I are twinflames. That will not alleviate personal suffering when my twin and I come together again, but we form a formidable lesson for each other and the group.