Q0599. Why should I let him go?


I know I’m young. Only 14 years old. But we (me and my soulmate) actually knew it at the first meeting: we belong together. Everything that is described on this site, I recognize. Really everything. Let me not explain what I feel for him or what we have all experienced. That would be way too much. For the outside world we are just dating, we are in love. A few good friends of ours know that we see each other as soulmates. And only we know that we really are. We will never leave each other, we promised each other. He was there before I was. He knew it from the very first moment, even before he had met me. I doubted at the time, because I was overwhelmed by emotions and strange feelings. As we got to know each other better and better (and that went very fast), we noticed that we were really exactly the same. I’m so happy. Never, but never, will I leave him. And! I think he has that feeling even stronger than me. But on some other sites I come across things that I don’t agree with. They are talking about letting go of your soulmate. Letting go? What do they mean by letting go? I’m really not going to leave my soulmate, really not! Then why should we let go of each other? Does that mean we have to create more distance between us, or does it mean something completely different? They are talking about letting go of your soulmate. Letting go? What do they mean by letting go? I’m really not going to leave my soulmate, really not! Then why should we let go of each other? Does that mean we have to create more distance between us, or does it mean something completely different? They are talking about letting go of your soulmate. Letting go? What do they mean by letting go? I’m really not going to leave my soulmate, really not! Then why should we let go of each other? Does that mean we have to create more distance between us, or does it mean something completely different?

Answer 1
My dear, don’t let go. You are SO MUCH farther than anyone who writes here !!!! Trust your feeling…. Enjoy each other, make the world around you more beautiful with your love and tackle ‘obstacles’ together. It will not always be or remain easy for you, but with this love you conquer everything. BELIEVE IN THIS LOVE !!!! And hold on to that. Do what feels right in your heart. What you read and what didn’t feel right is not the right way for you. Choose what DOES feel good. Choose that which will always make you happy, happy, happy and confident. Then you’re in the right place !!!! I am confident. What a wonderful love, actually I am just a ‘little bit jealous’. Love (L.)

Answer 2
Letting go is meant here that you have no expectations of how the relationship continues with you, that love is unconditional, it is a noclaim relationship, the spiritual connection is eternal and you will feel it throughout your life. Letting go is also that each is so independent that you do not need the other to feel strong, to feel happy. (Unknown)

Answer 3 Hi dear 14 year old. I also met my soulmate when I was just 15 years old, we were dating and it just never went out again. You don’t have to explain that to anyone, do you? I am now 30 years later and I only now realize that he was / is my soulmate and that it was not for nothing that he came into my life. Three years ago I met my twinflame and that is a lot more intense. I had to let go of my twinflame because we are both in a relationship and I was forced to look for my true self. I found that but still separate from my twinflame, which I want to say, enjoy the bond with your soulmate, don’t let anyone talk to you and just follow your heart, it will show you the right way. Much love and happiness for you together. (Unknown)

Answer 4
My God, answer 3 is my own story! Unbelievable. I am in exactly the same boat, I have been with my soulmate since I was 15 and I am now 35. I also got to know my twinflame later and that is totally different from my relationship. It lets you learn immensely about yourself and grow spiritually. Whether there is ever a real earthly relationship between twinflame and me, I do not know and it will be my sausage. That is not the most important thing for me. The most important thing is that I want to build an intense friendly bond with him in which we can both be 100% who we are. And although it is being worked on, it is not that far yet, because he too has his growth process. It makes me so good to know that there are more people who are doing or doing the same thing. As for the questioner;

Answer 5
Hi antw 3, yes that is very intense isn’t it? married for years with your soulmate and then encounter your twin. I was also allowed to know that someday in this life I may meet with twin whom I also see very regularly, pfffff, then you are really torn apart from the inside. Love (unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 5; yes, that is intense. May I ask in which relationship that person (your soul love) is now with you? I ask this because you write that he is close to you and you see each other often. And how could you know that someday you will get something together? (Unknown)

Answer 7
Hi antw 6, I am from antw 3 and 5, I see my twinflame almost daily but very briefly and always with others around it, we also no longer speak to each other haha, that is too complicated because we do not have our true face can show. I was told two years ago that we would ever come together in this life through my contact with upstairs (although I didn’t understand at the time) and by commuting messages (I commuted myself and received the most wonderful messages). Later I contacted a number of mediums and they confirmed it to me. But twin continued to deny despite my approach, so I kept doubting whether it was all right. We have recently been in contact, in a very special way, just legally and securely through a website. Very nice how you can get to know each other so well and grow towards each other, I really feel that it is so guided by “above”. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Hi companion of answer 6, I also bought a shuttle and a book about it a while ago and started working with it. But can I ask how you do this? There are all kinds of small commuter discs in the book, so small that I don’t see where the shuttle is pointing …. how do you commute? Further; very special that you were allowed to know that you will ever come together. And how things are guided then. I also notice it in my life. Now I am very consciously in a phase that I do not want any earthy contact with my twin. First I want to be stronger in my own strength. And it works; I get peace, he doesn’t call anymore, doesn’t show himself, but I do get many signs that the commitment is still there. And I just need that to keep faith in it. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Hi antw.8, I first had someone else commute for me, where I was sitting so that I could see how that worked. You always heard about those weird stories and I thought it was pretty scary but through the other person I got very special messages, things that nobody could know and so I gained confidence. She told me that I could do it myself too, that commute, but I didn’t dare so well. Later she came to me with a message (she had no idea what it was about by the way), she had a message for me via the shuttle and it read “let go of pain, afz. AMOR ”, and I was completely perplexed because during that period I really had a lot of pain and sorrow for twin, I didn’t understand it at all. I then bought a loose pendulum myself (by feeling, I have a hematite pendulum, I also can’t do anything with that ready-made pendulum sets) and on 2 sheets A-4 a round disc with alphabet made (nice and large), as you see in those booklets. You have to ask very specific and clear questions and you can start with yes and no, then you will automatically notice if you get a response. Also always first ask if you can ask the question. Then I started asking questions via alphabet, but you only get things that you may know, that are useful, you can’t just know everything. Sometimes you get a lot of abacadabra that you can’t do anything with and then you better stop. Sometimes it is also cryptic and sometimes they fool you, I got 1 time “you eat a stick of brie”, and idd I was eating a baguette with French cheese, they do have humor up there. I was always approached with you or you and at the very beginning they also used the term soulmates with regard to twin, but I did not know anything about twinflames at that time, so I did not look further. Was too busy with my own aches and pains. I never actually commute anymore, I notice that the messages I get through my thoughts are much clearer and clearer. I really let myself be led, I can mention dozens of examples, very special. Very recently, I was walking in an unfamiliar town with a friend and we wanted to go to an “alternative” store and didn’t know how to ask “bystanders” for that, so we said “OK, take us there because we don’t know the way here ”, and without detours or hesitation we were within 5 minutes in front of the store we were looking for haha, that is really laughing, very cool! If you allow yourself to be guided and surrender to it and recognize it, you really notice that the universe is doing everything to help you, you just have to want to see it. Love (unknown)

Answer 10
Thank you for your very detailed explanation, reaction 9! I’m going to try it with my shuttle. It is true that you are guided if you allow this. I have often experienced it (Unknown)

Answer 11
Yes, I think the universe takes care of us a lot more than we realize. We always think we should take care of ourselves, but we are taken care of when we are on the right track. I am increasingly convinced. (Unknown)