S159. The most beautiful thing there is, but also the most painful


I first met him 15 years ago. We were both married. I got divorced but he didn’t. I met him again 7 years ago. We were both married again. And I got divorced again and he didn’t. Now the same story 9 months ago. And now he does not know whether he should opt for his marriage, which, according to him, means nothing more, but he does not want to lose his child. We both know it is soul love.
Only at my third divorce did I tell everything.
Soul love is the most beautiful thing there is, but also the most painful thing that can happen to you .
Our relationship consisted of stolen hours because he was married.

An obstacle in our relationship is that he cannot choose me. That’s because in a previous life he couldn’t do that and even killed me in a panic at the time.

I have not spoken to him for 6 weeks now. I leave it that way because this is something he has to do.
I now know what true love is. Unfortunately it hurts a lot now.
What I find most special is just the feeling that you really belong to someone. And sometimes feel each other remotely.
Making love was very nice and we were very open to each other.
The feeling of love for the soul is something that never passes again.
It is very difficult to end the relationship. I’m going to continue alone for now. Maybe a new soul love comes my way. And maybe he chooses me again. I do not know. Time will tell. I’m not really looking, but you never know what’s coming your way. I hope so.

My tip is; Stay in your own energy as much as possible