Q0596. Does my twin feel me too?


My twinflame does not yet know what is going on between us. I think it is difficult with confusing feelings etc, but it is not yet that he already knows that it concerns twinflames. But what I have been wondering all this time; does he also feel things about me? I feel it when he blocks me, I feel it when he is angry with me, I feel it when he is having trouble, when he is down. But if he still doesn’t know anything about the twinflame phenomenon, can he already feel things about me? If I try to make telepathic contact with him to encourage him to send him my love, what does he feel about me? Would he feel that warmth around his heart if I send him my love? The warmth that I was once allowed to feel once. Would he know it’s me? I asked him once before when he went to the hairdresser again and recently when he started posting a new profile photo on which his face was clearly visible, 1.5 weeks later! d there is a new profile photo on his site WITH his face clearly on it !!! So, he seems to be catching something. Are there twinflames who found out later than their twin and can give me an answer?

Answer 1
It’s hard to tell if the other person feels those things too, then you should ask. I myself think that it is quite possible that it is true, but this depends on the level of development of the other person. If he or she feels very well, he or she can pick up feelings and thoughts. But many people are very unconscious and don’t even think about what they think or feel. In my case I often have contact with the soul of my twin in dreams / astral level. That is now the only way for us to have contact because he is not ready with his conscious person yet and cannot see things clearly. When he sleeps this falls away and the soul can freely “speak”. That is very special. So I know from him personally that he cannot face it yet, he thinks I am very sweet / nice and beautiful but it is too complicated. He is also saddened by it. In the ordinary awake life I often pick up his feelings and I know when I will see him somewhere and stuff. But the other way around, I don’t know if he has that with me either. I do not think so. I don’t even think he remembered his dreams. But I’m not sure I would have to ask. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, he also feels your energy. If he is your twin, he absorbs that, twinflames have a unique mutual contact. That specific warmth around my heart, which I often feel, my twin also feels it. say that he would therefore no longer block or cast you off, that is certainly possible. You feel the negative things about him, but also the positive ones? If you let him go more, or let go as much as possible, he will come up with his positive feelings. After all, you are stuck together. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I have felt my twin for a very long time and soon after our meeting. I think he felt me ​​too but not consciously, Iig did not want to feel it and did not acknowledge it (towards me) as such. Now we are very aware of each other (almost 3 years later) and although we do not talk about it in real life, I do feel that the “communication” is really going back and forth, I feel that very clearly . So as an answer to your question, he will undoubtedly feel you, but if you ask him, he will certainly deny it. (Unknown)

Answer 4
When twinflames meet, the chakras will open up. I think that they will always remain slightly open afterwards, especially the heart chakra. In this way, they will continue to feel each other, they will continue to communicate. crack is “because he is not yet fully capable of feeling. And with the other who is capable of it, he is a little further open. But they can never be completely closed. (Unknown)

Answer 5
If my twin is busy with his private life, or important matters concerning his career, then he blocks us. I am also happy with his trial, which I find very exciting at the moment! And so we simmer again. (Unknown)

Answer 6
@ answer 2: you say; “You feel the negative things about him, but do you also feel the positive things?” If I have very strong feelings (which can only happen to me) that I suspect are not from me, they are always feelings of; restlessness and sorrow. Then my urge to ‘talk’ with him is HUGE and I do too. This often helps. Then it becomes quieter, but I believe I cannot yet feel his positive feelings, I have no idea what those feelings are. Do you? Except that sometimes I say to myself: ‘he feels’ rather ‘by now’. Sometimes I can REALLY feel that it is going the way it is, I know that it is letting go. I feel happy knowing that he is there and that we will see each other one day while I still think a lot about him. But unfortunately these moments do not dominate yet. Letting go is not trying to forget? Then you can still think of your twin with intense love? Or talk to him? Or tax it! t him if I remember him and talk to him. Try to tell him not to fight, to find out what causes the unrest. (L.)

Answer 7 To
let go is to have peace that things are going the way they are. Your twinflame is extremely happy with that, even though he / she is still so unconscious. I don’t know if it would do you good to read it to him. I don’t do that with my twin, I’m not going to be the mother hen. Don’t tell him what he should and should not do if necessary. I often talk to my twin when I’m in bed. Almost always at the end of the afternoon I get a cheerful feeling. That comes from him, then he has had another good day and has done all the difficult jobs and is happy with that. I immediately feel that, very nice. (Unknown)

Answer 8
I know if my twin was restless and I sent him rest, he knew it was mine because we had frequent conversations about our band. I have never used the word twinflames in our conversations, he is too rational for that. Now that I have blocked him, he feels that distance and that frightens him, so he also pulls on me and has a headache because he is in a negative way of thinking. He cannot let go of me but cannot act on it because he is emotionally completely stuck. He is short-sighted in his thinking. Do you know the word narcissism, it has many characteristics of it and that is what I come across. Now I am learning to draw what I did not really do in our relationship. It really does me good now that I am releasing it. I came out stronger. I have now started to think differently about my twinflame experience. Certain moments that I am vulnerable, I find it difficult to accept our band. In other words, learn to cope with the pain and enjoy the wonderful twinflame! feeling. Become strong and learn to stand on your own two feet. Eventually you will have a completely different view of the situation. (Unknown)

Answer 9
The person with whom I experience this also does not (yet) know what is going on at a certain level. But on a soul level, I am almost certain that he will pick things up from me. In a sense, not conscious. But it comes in. If, for example, I act terribly dependent on him, he knows that. If we even have contact via social media, or no earthly contact, he will pick it up. Because he then behaves towards me in such a way that I can immediately do something with it. I therefore know that I am too dependent towards him and I know that I am rejecting him. Going so fast! Sometimes it’s scary! As soon as I withdraw myself a bit and I let less be heard of me or I stand in my own power again (self-focus) then he automatically returns and we have a loving contact. I think that’s the lesson too. Keep your own strength and learn to deal with it!