Q0590. Flashback?


Do you ever have a flashback or a dream about you and your twin? I was recently in an amusement park en route to a roller coaster and had to climb a long narrow spiral staircase with those old boulders as if it were a tower staircase. Out of the blue I suddenly saw and felt myself with twin, lifelike, medieval scenes and we ran hand in hand up a tower staircase as if we were fleeing for something, it was a very special experience because it was broad daylight in a very earthy setting and yet on that narrow staircase with high walls around it felt very real and above all very close. I once dreamed that I would fall down in a kind of wild swirling waterfall, from above twin looked at me, I only saw his head and then he jumped after me. Well, I have always had the feeling of being drowned once in a while, so that was quite unusual. Had already learned from a medium that I had to pay attention to my dreams in the coming year, because they would give me important information. Do you ever have the feeling that you have a flashback in real life or in a dream?

Answer 1
I have a lot of dreams about my twin. For years. Many of those dreams are clairvoyant / telepathic. I never knew I could or did, but it is true. I am very grateful for it because I know from a deep inner knowing how things are going with us and what will come next. And for the time being that is not a meeting of twin and me. We both have a lot to learn and grow. Perhaps at the end of this life, when we are both old, that we come together. But certainly in the next life. As for the flashbacks; I had dreams in which I saw him in a different time, certainly 100 years ago. He was a soldier wearing a gray-green suit and a cap on. In another dream I saw that he had shot 5 people and was being prosecuted. I don’t know if these dreams belong together. I also saw him in a dream once hanging above the fireplace on a photo that looked very old-fashioned. It certainly seems to me that I have known him for much longer than this life. A clairvoyant has also confirmed this to me. But I feel it myself too. Just don’t get a full picture about us. What role I played and who I was and where. But that too will one day become clear. (Unknown)