P0052. Twinflame


Confusion in my head
My feelings robbed myself
Can’t think clearly anymore
Or am I hurting myself
From day 1 there was
recognition right away , a lot in common
Didn’t want to admit
It should never have been experienced before
Just couldn’t believe it
Robbed my thoughts
That’s how I felt at the time.
A strange, but someone who knows me?
Your words, how do you know what’s going through me?
Do we then feel each other blindly?
Both lived a very different life
And yet experienced many things the same
As if you make yourself look in a mirror You do
n’t even have to compare
Feeling what the other person feels
Looking into the eyes and seeing what the other person means
Strange, but also not true
Double feelings, explain that but
How it goes on remains to be seen
Who knows how we can still enrich each othe