Q0589. Happiness before and after twinflame meeting?


When I think of the time for meeting twinflames, it was a time of happiness in non-physical freedom. When I think of the time after, I think of happiness in intimate non-physical connection. Are both “lives” equally happy? Would you ever secretly want to go back to the time before the meeting or would you not want to trade gold anymore? And does the time before the meeting fade away? I am now fascinated literally and figuratively by a guy and before the meeting I was literally and figuratively fascinated by autonomy, self-government. I both like it.

Answer 1
No, although I am heavier than ever, I also feel happier than ever. I would never go back to the situation before the encounter with my twinflame. Living in ignorance can be nice, but I also always felt a kind of unrest in me as if I was looking for something and I now understand why, the unrest has completely disappeared because I found what I was looking for. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Hi answer 1: I thought for a moment that I had written it myself, but my initial is not included, so it wasn’t me. But they are ‘my’ words. (L.)

Answer 3
For the person asking the question, do you both really enjoy it? if you are very honest? I can hardly imagine it (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes it is still fifty-fifty. As long as we are not together. After that the meter immediately switches to the period after the twinflame meeting. It is indeed the peace that is most important now, as stated in answer 1 .But I have always placed personal freedom above love, that is how important I think it is. Autonomy, self-government is definitely sacrificed to love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Very special how different you can experience that, I just have the feeling that I have gained much more self-management because I have found myself again. I know who I am and what I stand for, I used to be influenced by others and I thought it was very important how others thought about me, now I no longer have that. Perhaps you thought self-management was important to keep control, arising from fear and insecurity, lessons you had to learn. I think that there is no “freer” relationship than that between twinflames, or you should like to be single. (J.)