Q0041. Can you also recognize someone with a different appearance (from a different time)?


In my case, I saw a Norwegian man, later he was just from now !? Because of my divorce I had to sell the house too big. During the ‘open house’ day there was a ‘norwegian’ in front of me door plus family. The family was like a statue in this time. The Norwegian man felt familiar and safe and I knew that I would never lose him again. That couple bought my house and I bought it from them. We meet on a weekly basis, including the children (babysitter). The image of the ‘Noorman’ is gone and is now the image of today. We are attracted to each other at every level, but this is impossible. But 1 minute, seeing each other is enough. The power and energy is fantastic. In itself this is already a special and beautiful experience. But pushing away or releasing does not seem to work. Has someone else experienced this too and how can you get the good out of it,