Q0876. Never seen


I knew nothing about “twinflames” .. Until I got in touch with someone via the internet. The first phone call, silence, emotion! An enormous energy rush, recognition and coming home. It was no more than a very strange feeling. What I have always known, certainly unconsciously, but rather skeptically looked at the virtual world. (despite my own findings therein) He drew my attention to the book “twinflames”. After 2 months I started reading, and I understood my feelings from all those years, my goodness! Insight into myself became great. Feel an unconditional love, have that pronounced, over the phone. Unfortunately he is bound. That is not a problem for me. Can feel love from a distance, grant him his relationship. He broke the contact, painful and crazy about this experience. I have never met him! Not even seen a photo of him. And still feel love .. For a sober lady, a very special experience! Anyone ever experienced anything like that?