Q0584. Does your partner know about your twin?


Does your partner know about your twin, if applicable? Can you talk about it? Did you ever tell? My partner knows nothing about my twinflame. He could not comprehend it and explain it as a midlife crisis and an ordinary crush. Probably also because he had that himself and then had a secret relationship (purely based on lust) with a colleague. He regrets that a lot and now condemns everyone who does the same haha. The funny thing is that he likes SF films with a lot of imagination and I sometimes think that if my partner saw the twin as a film, he would think it was a wonderful story. But in real life ?? no, but not, ego plays too big a role in his life for that. I would like to share the experience with him but know that it would be 1 big catastrophe, I know him too well and too long for that. And why should I hurt him unnecessarily with something he could never understand.

Answer 1
Yes and yet I would do it if I were you. I don’t have a partner myself, so I can talk easily. But I can tell you that everything will ever come true and your energy towards your twin will continue. know but by that time it strikes deep wounds whose scars only heal slowly and remain visible for life. I have experienced it soooo many times with others. or On esotheric marriage of Dion Fortune. Well, it is always confronting, I would not like it either. But you are ethically good and he has to rely on that. Maybe you can tell it through someone else he trusts and considers wise? (Unknown)

Answer 2
My partner knows nothing about it and I will keep it that way. He will definitely not understand and dismiss it as something very vague and nonsensical. In addition, he would have completely lost his faith in me and it would be the end of our relationship. I myself think that it is not the intention at all to come together with my twin, but to grow both spiritually and support each other. There is no real relationship in this life, or perhaps only in a very long time. My partner also likes SF movies, but that doesn’t mean that he is open to things like this, that go beyond the normal. That is all too scary and difficult. My twin is much more open to that, but not enough to see how things are between us. That will come. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes if you know what your path is further on, if you have a strong feeling of NOT or very late coming together in this life with your twin, then I would let it rest. However, your intuition says something completely different, nml. that your twins do come together in this life, then I would very carefully prepare the current life partner, because then he can get used to it, you can get used to it and the family can get used to it. But then you have to be sure are off your path with your twin. (Unknown)

Answer 4
How can you explain something to someone who has not (yet) experienced it? The greatest chance is therefore that they (environment) do not (want to) believe this. My twinflame and I were both in a relationship that we had met. My friend at the time thought this “soulmate event” was completely nonsense and thought I was just abused. My twinflame’s wife also thought this was all about us and blamed it on the alcohol or medicine he had. This is the beginning of the transformation process whether you believe in this unconditional lover or let yourself be fooled by what the crowd is imposing on you. That is why most twins also stay there with their partner. Believe with your feelings and heart, not with your ego (Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Egos being saved? they have the say. (Unknown)

Answer 6
My partner knows nothing, I don’t talk about it at home, has no added value. I am very curious to see if Twin talks about it at home, his partner can look at me very strangely and I know that Twin did talk about it at home at first, but even his child sometimes looks at me to see if the water is burning and then I think, are people talking about me at home? maybe I am wrong, children often know a lot intuitively, but it doesn’t feel good. (Unknown)

Answer 7
It is faith indeed, and that is difficult sometimes .. but you feel it in your heart / soul and it keeps coming back, every time again .. hold on to it then I am happy again. I believe in the Love that has come my way, I believe in the source of Love that has given this to me, I believe in this Love. (Unknown)

Answer 8
It depends on how you look at it … .. if you tell someone with a lot of ego the twinflame happening, then he will be able to prove with a lot of arguments that it is all nonsense nonsense and above all not scientifically proven, then ego wins! if you don’t tell that same person but he sees that you change as a person then you can do nothing but silence when ego arguments come up on the table, and when you hear “you look at me with a floating look, as if my opinion are you nothing interests you anymore ”then you know that you have to stay very close to yourself and, above all, have to be very strong in your shoes. What do you mean ego? Silence is better in such a case because ego is always stronger when it comes to scientific evidence, there lies the great danger. (Unknown)

Answer 9
In response to answer 6; children indeed know a lot and feel things well. At least one of my daughters is. She once said literally that twinflame and I are in love, while I never talk about it or show this in any other way. She makes more comments about things she cannot know. And yes, that certainly feels uncomfortable, especially when my husband is there and she comes up with things like that. Recently she also asked if twinflame and I will ever get married. I said that I have already married her dad and that I only want to marry one person and that is him. With my twinflame I would love to have a close friendship, but without ulterior motives. (Unknown)

Answer 10
For my twinflame and I the following applies: the more his wife knows, the less he can. The less he can, the stronger our spiritual bond becomes. (Unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 7: I think the question here is not so much whether you believe in it (otherwise you would probably not even post a message here) but whether your partner possibly believes in it and whether or not you talk about it and why or not. (Unknown)

Answer 12
It’s about you and if you don’t talk about it there will come a time when you will .., sometimes I read about it; it may be there .. is that true? can it be there? yours? of your twin? and your partner who knows nothing? I can believe in it with all my heart and soul and without a partner. (Unknown)

Answer 13
My partner let me go in love when he saw my grief, I let him go because I no longer thought it was fair to him .. that is also love because I felt that there was a purpose for it, but it hurts because I nothing from twin though. I can love many people platonically. But I too am just a person who wants to receive love, unconditionally. (Unknown)

Answer 14
A while ago my partner had a relationship with another. We never finished this together well and at one point I was supposed to leave everything behind. It has changed our relationship forever. I recently came across – I think – my soulmate. The band is so intense and special, I have never experienced that in my life. My partner found out about this and the anger and aggression that he evoked was so frightening, really incredible. Since then my partner has forbidden me from any form of contact, on pain of…. no idea. My partner finds my infidelity many times worse than his own infidelity, and since then my life has changed into a kind of constant control and enforcement of confirmation to him for an indefinite period. Perhaps for the rest of our marriage I did not feel happy in my marriage but in recent months (since the outcome of my deception) I feel intensely unhappy and lonely. My explanation of soul kinship has been dismissed as nonsense and vague hassle. So to answer your question: my partner knows about it but it is a forbidden, trivialized and not respected or understood subject. (Unknown)

Answer 15
Hi unfortunate, (answer 14) why do you remain stuck in it? take a good look at yourself, what do you do with these unfortunate feelings, you are responsible for your own life, not for that of the other. Have you cheated your partner then? or only spiritually at the soul level? because that is a lot different, feelings are there and may be! what scares me the most; why do you let this happen? don’t you count? don’t your feelings count? So here it is again about what do you do with that? !! in this way you make the ego of the other even greater by giving him power over you. (a tyrant is born by a slave, I heard recently, not the other way around! whatever I have always thought) guts needed, who stand upright for what they believe in … collect courage and believe in yourself, in Love, difficult but it makes you so much stronger AND so much happier! I sometimes cry to my twin (deep down, because I never see him); come on pick up your life, it’s yours! and I know that he can do it, because I can do it too, but it takes a lot of courage and perseverance, strength and much love. (Unknown)

Answer 16
Answer 14, I sympathize with you, what a bad scenario. Your partner probably also senses that it is about real love and that is of course much more threatening to him than if it was just about lust. He is afraid of losing you and so you are now being blackmailed emotionally, often there is also a dependent relationship between you and so you have the feeling of being a prisoner. But you know, nobody can forbid you to love someone else, so you don’t have to feel guilty about that, but it is a shame that you have crossed the border in the earthly because your partner can now address you about that. You came across your twin to find yourself and that is where your challenge lies now, regardless of your twin. Try to be above what your husband thinks of you or what he imposes on you (I know from experience that it can be really tough) and find your own way back to Love (which I don’t want to say you should leave him hear) , you can, but maybe you will get stronger together in the end). Eventually (it may take a long time) you will find that you are able to break free from that dependency relationship, and that you can no longer be blackmailed emotionally because you yourself have become very strong. It is a long process of trial and error, but you will probably succeed. Strength and love. (Unknown) Eventually (it may take a long time) you will find that you are able to break free from that dependency relationship, and that you can no longer be blackmailed emotionally because you yourself have become very strong. It is a long process of trial and error, but you will probably succeed. Strength and love. (Unknown) Eventually (it may take a long time) you will find that you are able to break free from that dependency relationship, and that you can no longer be blackmailed emotionally because you yourself have become very strong. It is a long process of trial and error, but you will probably succeed. Strength and love. (Unknown)