Q0582. Who also sees his / her Twin Soul very irregularly or not at all?


I see my twinflame very irregularly. Now it is already 3 weeks ago but sometimes there are months in between and then again I see him several times a week due to circumstances. There is little to improve. How does that work for you? And how do you feel about a meeting? When I know that I am going to see him, I am very nervous and I stand in front of the mirror for hours. When we really see each other, it disappears like snow in the sun and I feel at ease.

Answer 1
I do not see my twin at all.And for spying / stalking I am too proud. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have not seen or heard my twin for ages. My twinflame is currently in a relationship with another woman and I don’t want to stoke in their relationship. My twin was / is busy making me forget me so that he can continue with his current partner. Ask me how he is going to get that done. My twin does not want any contact and wait until he makes contact again. From the inside I long for him to see him again or just to hear his beautiful voice. You are calm with your twin because this feels confident. When I think about it, I miss that security a lot … (Alicia S.)

Answer 3
I have not seen my twin for months and am afraid that I will not meet him in the coming months either. This hurts. I would love to look him in the eye, cuddle, feel our energy, feel love. But he and I are not ready yet. He’s too angry and I’m too scared. I do think that if I were unexpectedly confronted with him, I would be frightened completely. That I will know in advance (inwardly) that I will meet him, but that his presence will completely deepen me. I would not dare look at him; because I am afraid of what rejection / dislike I would see in his gaze and not to betray myself with my own intense gaze. So fear, all fear. The best meeting would be if he too were aware of our twinflames and would accept that, just like I do. Then we could show our feelings to each other more openly. Until then, a meeting will! very uncomfortable (understatement). But very welcome !!! (L.)

Answer 4
Answer 3, dear L, I see my twin almost daily, we both know that we are twinflames and have accepted it, but even then it can become very difficult at some point to look each other in the eye, it is so precarious. With us, I think it stems from powerlessness, the situation we are in, but still. I do not have to recharge or prepare myself haha, then I would be very busy with it, no I let it come over me at a time and one day that is easier than the other. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Because I have regular contact with my twin, I always feel before we see each other, a lot of love, security, in short; complete. Before we had reached this point, a great deal preceded it. Lots of arguments, anger, sadness, pain. The desire was very intense when not seeing. The contact between us was sporadic. In the process I realized that the desire had nothing to do with him but with myself. I longed for love, which I found in myself by revealing my fears from my past, staying more with my own feelings. Later I contacted my twin. Gradually we have said everything without any reproach to each other. I feel it remotely or when it goes wrong, I send it positive power. He feels at that moment that I assist him and through a text message he thanks me for the strength. I have now become so strong that I can close myself off to him if it doesn’t suit me for a while. Especially i! I learned to accept that his sense of presence lives in me, it makes it a little easier, but you also look at the twinflame events very differently. Everything has made me stronger. In the meantime, I and my twin are slowly growing together. I know that releasing your twin is very difficult but achievable. (J.) In the meantime, I and my twin are slowly growing together. I know that releasing your twin is very difficult but achievable. (J.) In the meantime, I and my twin are slowly growing together. I know that releasing your twin is very difficult but achievable. (J.)

Answer 6
My twin (my ex lover) I don’t see and speak at all anymore at the moment. He has removed me from hyves and does not let me hear from him again. Not even a Christmas card or happy new year! That hurts me the most. I long for him … … for his arm around me, his shoulder to lie on. Letting go … that’s what I’m trying to do … he tries to get me out of his head, but I wonder how he’s going to do that ????? so painful situation, but he still has to find out for himself (V.)

Answer 7
In response to 2 and 3; I recognize it, the intense looks that leave nothing to the imagination, as if you look straight into each other’s soul. That is sometimes very confronting and precarious. Feels vulnerable and at the same time heavenly. Sometimes I see a lot of sadness in his gaze for the fact that we cannot be together, he builds a wall around him and sometimes literally runs away. That hurts so much. I wish he could finally face that the love that exists between us may be there next to everything else. And that we will one day pronounce it to each other and that it will stay between us. That is my big wish for 2011. I also see my twin irregularly, sometimes often one after the other and then sometimes not. In the meantime I do get a lot of signs that there is something between us. (Unknown)

Answer 8
It is special to read that you all feel so comfortable in the presence of your twin, we feel very uncomfortable in each other’s presence. But that is probably due to the situation that you simply cannot be yourself, that you cannot show your true face. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Answer 5, once you have accepted the sense of presence, you may also be able to look at it differently and you no longer have to see it as a threat, but you can convert it to what the encounter was ultimately intended for, nl finding yourself. Then you can see it as a very special and unique gift and you know what the beautiful thing is, letting go is therefore less difficult because the connection between you will always be there wherever you are. And if you’ve both arrived at that point, then that gives quantum leaps in healing and growth for both, that’s how it works. Love (Unknown)

Answer 10
Answer 7, almost scary, my words, my thoughts and my wish but not written by me. No impossible wish seems to me, what is stopping you? (Unknown)

Answer 11
My response to answer 10; I am the author of answer 7. How nice that you recognize your zao in what I wrote. I think it applies to many twinflames. And what stops me? Nothing. But my twinflame is not (yet) ready to face the facts and until then I will have to be patient and let him walk his path. That too is called love, giving him time and opportunity. And I do that with all my heart, no matter how difficult and sometimes difficult it is. I get a lot of signs and when I was at his house recently, I saw that he too gets those signs, but unfortunately he doesn’t see them. There was a glass in the kitchen with our initials in cow letters on it. I had to smile about it. That is just one of the signs, there have been so many more. One day he will wake up and see what I have seen for a long time. But something in me says that this moment is still far away. A lot has to be grown (also through me) to make my wish come true. But being “on the road” is also a very exciting journey. I learn new things every day and I hope he does, even though it is still unconscious. (Unknown)

Answer 12
Answer 9; Thank you for your support. I now understand what you write much better than a few years ago. This is mainly due to my growth process. Although we seemed to be growing closer together, my twin has a relapse with regard to his environment. Unfortunately his stubbornness is greater than love. This forces me to let go completely. This has given me a lot of strength and a deliverance. I feel better than I have ever felt before. I’m working with him to a lesser extent. The moment like now he attracts me daily. I can accept the warm feeling that he sends to me, but the unrest and that enormous amount of energy every day just costs me a lot of energy. It is as if he is working with me for 24 hours. I recently dreamed that he was hanging over my face and let me know that I would never let go. I do not let my life depend on him and I choose not to build a life with a man who remains stubborn and in his perception! want to go with them. I want to move forward. I know he wants me back, but the question remains whether I still want that. Because you become more powerful, how differently you will look at the subject of twinflames. (Unknown)

Answer 13
Hi answer 12, I am happy to answer 9, and how wonderful that we can all help each other here on the site (TINY, THANK YOU!). What many people forget is that it is usually not the intention to come together in this life and keep wondering how that is now with that (unattainable) love instead of starting their inner search. The twin is then seen as a threat, especially if you are not waiting for a (new) relationship at all, then you get those intense feelings and the attraction and rejection, and that makes it all so complicated that you completely ignore the original purpose of the meeting. If the intention is to ever come together (which is becoming more common in this changing time) then you often “know” that, but it is very important not to feel rushed, but your inner knowing , your inner voice, keep following your soul. Trust that if it is the intention i! s that you come together, that only happens when you are both ready for it. And whether that is in 1 year or in 10 years, it does not matter at all, as long as you follow your heart / soul because it shows you the way. Love (forever)