Q0581. Do you choose your path or does it choose you?


Yesterday afternoon I was again unpleasantly surprised by a ‘spiritual’ statement, namely be satisfied with the now..I know that that is correct only then I come across the question; you must always be satisfied .. while I was not. a friend I asked and knew about my fight said the following; be satisfied with your path, your path goes this way and it was an AHA moment for me. that was it, I had not looked it up, it was the struggle I had had with the continuation of the path, because I did not want that (it was), it was so difficult, but the universe gave me so much that I had that path had to follow .. whether I wanted to or not, and yes it feels good right now, in the now! how is that with you?

Answer 1
The main lines of your path are fixed, your blueprint, you once determined that up there. If you live according to your heart and it feels good, then you can assume that you are on your path. You often derail “consciously” as part of your life lessons (you have also determined yourself). If, for whatever reason, you are no longer on your path, then the universe will do everything to lead you back to your path, it is up to you to listen to it or not and to your lessons to finish or not to finish. For myself, I am on my path again, it is very heavy but it feels good in the sense that it is true, “it is good as it is”. I understand why, where it goes and where it will lead, I know my path. And it will be beautiful, very beautiful … only I will first have to finish my lessons. (Unknown)

Answer 2
That differs from day to day, one day I think I know it all and I already have the future in my pocket, the next day I just don’t know anymore. You can’t plan anything in twinflames. Luckily I get help from guides. That makes me happy because I now know that it is a completely unique path of its own, no one in the entire universe is as capable of walking this completely own path as I do. (Unknown)

Answer 3
The future is not certain, it is what you make it yourself !! There are no wrong decisions, as long as you follow your heart at that moment, then you have chosen the right path. If you think afterwards that things are going wrong and the idea that you have chosen the wrong path, then be well aware that you chose this path with good reason at the time and that you are stronger in your development process. After all, life consists of trial and error, this makes us powerful. (Unknown)

Answer 4
I think the more you choose to follow your (self-chosen) path, whatever comes your way, the happier you will be. If you had given me the choice six months ago not to follow this path, not to have to feel this pain, I would definitely have chosen that. Who chooses pain? And yet, thanks to this path, thanks to this intense lack and therefore sorrow, I clearly feel happier than before. So much clearer, so much more meaningful, feeling that deep love, the peace because you no longer have to ‘search’. Imagine that I would have missed all of that !!! I wouldn’t want to go back for a second before I met my sweet twin. So yes, then you can only conclude 1 thing; you choose your own path because you have determined that in advance. And the universe helps you follow your path,

Answer 5
I think the path chooses me. I always had quite separate professions, people would ask: “How did you get to choose this course?” Then I said spontaneously: “No idea. I didn’t choose the course, I chose the profession. ”First of all, I didn’t care for such a profession, but was it already determined that it would be on my path. Once the time came for me to practice the profession, that urge came irrevocably, tension spring. Sometimes within a week, from nothing to something. So I think the path has chosen me, that path has been determined long before, thousands of years all my lives, before even already. (Unknown)