S046. I learned a lot about myself


I discovered my soul love quite by accident after we had not seen each other for 30 years. We used to go to school together. My husband could not deal with it at all, did not understand it at all and eventually opted for a divorce.
I have experienced soul love as very special. As if I came home and he had always heard from me. I was amazed by the enormous love and warmth that it assumed. We felt each other immediately from the first contact. They knew exactly what the other person was thinking, feeling and doing.
First we had friendship, later a real relationship that was broken off because my soul love is married and ultimately cannot make the decision to leave home. A major obstacle between us, of course, was his marriage and my divorce. Being unable to be together if you prefer. There seems to be nothing more beautiful than having a love affair with him. To feel each other so intensely, to be one with two. However, it will not happen because my soul love already has a relationship.
We now have a friendly relationship and that is satisfactory to him. Not for me. I am very happy with the special friendship we have but for me the ultimate happiness is only when we could be together. I experience it as a huge loss that I no longer have a love affair with him. It has ended because he has a partner.

He has let me feel what it is like to love someone unconditionally, to follow your feelings. It is a pity that he himself is not ready for that (yet). I learned a lot about myself.
The most special thing was the fact that I knew things beforehand and vice versa. As if some sort of telepathy was present. And the very good familiar feeling that came with it. The feeling of being at home.

Eroticism was also very special between us. Yes it certainly was. We didn’t have to explore each other, but we already felt each other beforehand.
Soul love is overwhelming , special and unique. Warm, loving, understanding, good and special.

I am not looking for a soul love again, I think that is unique and that I will never again meet someone who can give me that feeling. I am convinced that there is only 1 person who is my soul love. I think that I can and will certainly come across someone who I can give my love and he can give me his love. But I don’t think so