Q0577. Have I met my twinflame?


In 2008 I had a meeting, this meeting brought a lot to me. I made the decision and got divorced? My life has changed 300% in the positive sense. At this moment I am going into conflict with myself. We don’t know each other well, we hardly see each other and yet … Is he the one for me? He is constantly in my head. He appeared in my dream and said he was scared! Is he my twinflame? I have special feelings for this man? Or is this because I am missing something in my life right now? I looked him deep in his eyes once and saw that he has the same eye color as me. I have had questions, he is single, what is his age. Did I receive answers to these questions through others? It is difficult for me to let go of it in my mind, try it, but this will not work. Is this my ego doing this? I sometimes don’t remember anymore, can you help me with this big question?

Answer 1
No, ego wants you to forget that love, because if you come out of the fight in a pure and honest way, you no longer need ego and he doesn’t like it (Unknown)

Answer 2
No I think this is not your twinflame, then you would definitely have gotten more clues by now. It could be a soul love, a soulmate or someone from a past life that you have had something with, that when meeting you man again triggers. It may also be someone from a previous life who has treated you very badly then and with whom you are making good again with this life, then a bill is settled (the soul knows no revenge, it thinks only in terms such as : doing stupid things). That does not have to be a relationship, but after settling the bill, so after the reconciliation, they each go their own way again. (Unknown)