Q0576. A mission?


I am enormously grateful to God / Source / Universe that I have met my dear J. My turmoil and search is over. Despite deep sorrow and huge loss, I feel happier than I have been in 16 years. What I have been wondering every day in recent weeks is what the message of our reunification is. He is my soul love from previous lives but will not become that in this life. For me it was definitely a wake-up call and there is another assignment for me to do. Help spread the light / love around the world. But for J. then? What is the message of our meeting for him? Because it does not go unnoticed by him. I believe that he still thinks of me in huge confusion and anger. I think he’s also in a transformation period. But why so young? I do not believe that he is not bothered by anything and will only think about it again in about 10 years. I do believe he can do it in any way (addiction? Extreme behavior?)! manage to banish me from his system in the coming years if he does not listen to his feelings to escape this. I don’t have to think about it for his own well-being !!! Then I almost feel guilty that we have met, while I can’t help it. And I think that’s so bad for him !!! I’ll be fine, I’ll go looking, but he … What is the message for him now? And for all of us here; isn’t it true that meeting your twinflame is only about getting an earthly relationship with each other? Is it not everyone’s concern that we have a bigger assignment to fulfill? Or do I only have that feeling because there is such a big age difference between J. and me? I am very curious about your answers, because this has kept me busy the last few weeks. Love