Q0284. Who recognizes this situation, how do you ultimately deal with this?


Quite simply, through a forum I met a man, after being alone for 5 years, that period, which I did not record, I needed to clean up emotionally and spiritually, to get to myself … one thing was certain … if I can still open myself from my heart, it is with someone with whom I can connect completely and vice versa. My darling is not free, in other words, he is married, has left his wife a number of times … I do not feel the urge or the tendency to make him choose, I also do not feel jealous, I feel that we are so intimately connected , so strong, not to be captured in words .. we feel our soul connection very strongly present … occasionally my fear comes up, but less than in the beginning. I feel a kind of deep faith that, no matter how far we live together , in whatever relationship he is, what we have, transcends life and death. I have not been in love, nor have I been, on the other hand an intense feeling of love … completely different from my previous relationships, based on the idea of ​​love, an illusion (I call it now). Who recognizes this situation, how will you ultimately deal with this in the long term? thanks.