Q0574. Unconditional love?


Hello dear fellow lucky ones / fellow sufferers, I read so much about unconditional love here. What do you mean by this? if you are in a relationship with someone else and you feel Love for your twin, what is unconditional about this? something like that; “I love you … ……..” It is also my own struggle, but I wonder..love your reactions, you would really help more..loves

Answer 1
Unconditional love means … and not … but. If your twin is happy, you also feel happy, if she needs comfort, you comfort her / him. You always love her no matter what. A twin relationship is the most open relationship, it is not yours, it belongs to you. The connection is forever and you belong together forever. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Waiting all your life for the twinflame even if you don’t know if you will ever get together, I find that unconditional love. (Unknown)

Answer 3 Nicely worded ant 1 and 2. (Unknown)

Answer 4
It is unconditional that you love him / her without conditions and expectations, whatever happens. In a normal relationship, couples expect each other; it is based on mutual expectations. You expect at least a smile, a thank you, etc. With soul love, your love keeps flowing, even though the other hurts you, you forgive him / her. Because your love is unconditional. Just when a mother loves her child, she keeps giving love, even though she may not get a response from her child. It seems like an inexhaustible source, unconditional love. The art is to feel unconditional love for everything on earth. That is the ultimate goal of soul love. You reach a state of ‘being’. You become 1 with the universe. You are love, as many teachers, sufis, etc. have achieved.loves (F.)
Response Thank you very much for your answers beautifully worded. yes love everyone that is it for me too (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yet a mother can sometimes be very sad in her love for her child in her loneliness and in her concern for that child and in the endless waiting. yet I think that twinflames is more of a child / child relationship haha, much more equal, you can also play and argue. (Unknown)