Q0573. Does your soulmate read along?


I am curious how many people think here or know for sure that their soulmate is reading along and reacts here on the site .. sometimes see that people respond to each other as if it is their other half and then it turns out that it was someone else .. also think that my soulmate reads and posts messages here, but in real life he wants to know nothing about it, then think now and then, find it out nicely, I will no longer participate. why via a website and not in real life?

Answer 1
Recognizable this question, I also have something like this in real denial and react here, and just guess whether it is your twin’s. see so many frightened stories here, that’s why it’s so easy to respond here, I think, anonymously so that nobody has to see your true face, all fear because we like and we dare nothing! how honest are twinflames? but I’m fed up, in real life, normal earthly, never even a confirmation of our love, tired, dead tired you and I’m fed up, unconditional love? thought i could do it but start doubting myself (M.)

Answer 2
Haha, your words and often my thoughts. I don’t place much here anymore either, after the big confusion, I have learned my lesson. If twin wants real contact then he knows where to find me. I am glad that I now know what comes from her from the other poet writer, because, however bizarre, poems and messages came along this week that would fit in with my daily situation and which my twin might think I am she wrote haha. I’d rather stay very close to myself … and have no expectations … love (Forever)

Answer 3
I wanted him to read ……. !!! That is always better than what is now…. nothing. But I think it will only frustrate you more in the long run. (L.)

Answer 4
My twinflame is an academic, I think after three or four times he doesn’t care for a flute (muddly woolly language, not to the point, he can’t do anything with it), he certainly doesn’t sell his feelings. feelings rather in action in his profession. (Unknown)

Answer 5
My soulmate does not read this, I am pretty sure. He doesn’t even know the term Twin Souls, I think. He also doesn’t know that I am his twinflame. There are already more women here than men when I read it that way. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I also read stories here on the site that I think I am reading my twin. I also read a piece from someone whose soulmate ran away and I have experienced this too. If, while reading, your heart starts beating faster and you get warmer, you can be sure that destiny has given you this message. It gives you a lot of power to compare how your twinflame / zv is currently doing. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 7
my soul love reads with this. but our connection has nothing to do with this. I usually write here for myself, my outlet, sometimes to help; I recognized him a couple of times, nice !!!!, and sometimes I found confusing answers, but I don’t mind that anymore. I like getting reactions when I’m bothered by something, often it is useful to me, in combination with my own way of development and what I read further, I get on. (Unknown)

Answer 8
No idea, I don’t think so. It is a very down-to-earth person who works in particular ‘evidence-based’. I think this is all too floaty for him (F.)

Answer 9
Hi forever, yes your poems are my poems .. your questions are my questions maybe going for each other ..? (Yours)

Answer 10
To the one in answer 7, how do you know for sure that it is your soul love? how did you recognize your soul love? I think that’s what the others thought or do you talk about it to each other? (Unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 9; yes, scary just how much we are on the same frequency haha, and every time again…. How incredibly we love each other if you can believe those poems, and then think that I had never written a poem before that time. But, opting for the easiest way, uhm, don’t believe they had that in store for us. Love (Unknown)