Q0571. Is it possible that I was mistaken?


Dear, Until now I was convinced that I had found my twinflame … but is it possible that I was mistaken? I have clearly felt (had not been drinking, had not been drugged, had never read anything about twinflame, internet did not exist) our amalgamation, 2 energy channels, 2 heat sources that began to dance around each other infinitely quickly and then suddenly fell into each other, very intense and moment, but could not share it with anyone, nor with him who apparently did not feel anything, is that possible? Years later, he nevertheless talked to him about it and he knows nothing … but our being together, which is accompanied by intense pull and repulsion, which of course goes hand in hand with a great deal of pain in the soul, is so special, so intense, so unbearable sometimes that I am there assuming he could not be other than my twinflame … and now I start to doubt, or rather, I want to question everything to make the pain more bearable, if I have imagined everything, is it easy to let go of everything, but is it really possible that I have told myself something? that this amalgamation was “just” 1 hallucination? Thanks for answer. Dear greetings

Answer 1
You write your answer yourself, you don’t want to feel pain anymore and so your head / mind says that you have imagined everything, but do not doubt your feelings, they tell you the truth. my twin also had a wall recently but I do look through it, it is really there but sometimes it is a bit too difficult and you don’t want to touch it, then you want to continue without pain. then your ego says; it was just imagination, there is no such love. but it does exist..belief in it..loves (M.)

Answer 2
we have experienced this several times and no it is not an illusion or hallucination, this is Real (Unknown)

Answer 3
You know best if it really is like that or not. And I mean your inner voice, not the ego that you are always trying to fool. I recognize your doubts, I have had them myself and sometimes still. Then I just don’t want it all anymore, I just want to continue as normal as I always was before I knew about this whole event. I cannot deny that sometimes I suffer from guilt but also from annoyance towards myself. Why the hell do I like someone who doesn’t see me, who is so busy with his own life and so different from me? Why? I don’t want it anymore, and then I shut myself off for everything. But time and again it comes back, I see his name everywhere or I hear this, and I am back to wonder if I look into his eyes. I am so fed up at the moment that I immediately reject any thought of him. I walk away from it and concentrate on other things. But I also miss the feeling of having wings, being able to move mountains and being inspired for the craziest things. It is all (temporarily) no longer there. Actually nice and quiet like that. But I seem defeated! depend on the feeling of soul love. Does anyone know that (Unknown)

Answer 4
Maybe you have some poem ‘peace of mind’ .. probably does not make you
calmer..grtjs (Unknown) Comment Thanks all for your answer. and yes I know the feeling of being “addicted” to your soul love, the world also looks so different in its vicinity, you indeed get wings, and when they are curtailed again, it hurts, a lot of pain, and still have not found the right way to handle this in a healthy way … warm greetings. (D.)

Answer 5
I’m withdrawing … (Unknown)