Q0269. How can you make soul love even stronger?


When I saw him, I didn’t immediately know what was happening to me. He had the same as me and now we have been dealing intensively with each other for five years even though he hasn’t been around for three months, then I know he will come the day he comes. It is wonderful to feel at home with someone and that person with you. You can do things without words, you look at each other and you just know you feel his pain and he or you said yours. Well I can talk about it for hours, hopefully I get a response from someone how I can make it even stronger because I love it.

Also would like it to become stronger between us, in the beginning that we knew each other we had more differences he did not want me to do anything for him, now that we are getting closer to each other, I have relationship would let everything down to be him, I love him, can miss him less and less, is he knows that I like him, husband says that we are in relationship, isn’t it, feel good and at home with him, have never kissed him, neither does he but knows that we both want it. (Unknown)

As long as you are in a relationship, nothing can happen. You first have to be both free. Only then can it become stronger. (Unknown)