Q1336 Sad soul?


I have experienced several times that my soul is crying. We have let go of each other and we no longer run into each other, but I still feel her in my system every day. Does anyone recognize this?

Answer 1 You
may cry yourself because you miss her. Or – if you really are very close in terms of soul – you cry together. Or you indeed catch that she is crying. It can be anything, but it clearly indicates that you are close. Why don’t you visit her? Such signs can indicate a breeding ground for deep friendship. Such kind of friendships I would certainly cherish here on earth, they are precious.

Answer 2
Look deep into your heart. What do you prefer? Make peace with her yes or no? choose peace and focus your attention only on peace and eventually both souls will laugh together or separately. Remember that what you feed the most grows. What do you want to feed the most? You are a will or not. It is not for nothing that she is still in your system and it is not possible if you are not in her system. Both are special.

Answer 3
And if I recognize that! For some time now I have seen very little or no my twinflame, and I am shooting from one emotion (feeling very happy) to another (deep sadness). Sometimes I cry and it’s as if it doesn’t end, as if I’m crying for two. As if I feel for two people. I wondered if I miss him, and yes, sometimes I miss him. But often I also feel his energy around me. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that your twinflame is always there. You are always connected to each other even though you do not see each other. My twinflame moved away when he entered into a new relationship. I could only watch and see how he walked away from me. But one day he comes back. And for you too!

Answer 4
I do see my twinflame regularly and it is completely right between us. We have known each other for a very long time and have had a relationship several times before, we both ran away and both were stayers. There is now more love and depth between us than ever before, really very special and beautiful. It makes me very happy. Yet I can also be intensely sad, sadness from my toes … don’t know why

Answer 5
Only something very wonderful happened to me. I was intensely sad and had to cry terribly. I think my twinflame must have felt this because he contacted (after weeks of radio silence) and visited me the same afternoon. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but in one fell swoop I felt better, better than I had felt in recent months. As if I was another big step further. I felt love for everything and everyone around me. And now, two weeks later I can still feel it. Nice huh?

Answer 6
My twinflame has also entered into a different relationship to flee from his feelings, this already the second time, it is sometimes hard to believe that he still comes back with me. I always flee, I don’t have any contact with him for now, I leave him alone, but I read here that I still have to believe in it, gives me courage I have to say