Q0569. How do I deal with this?


The moment I decided to accept that in my marriage I would not find the floor, the unconditionality and the “love-lovingness” that I want so badly, I came across him. We had known each other for a while. From the first meeting there was a very special, almost physically tangible click. Independently of each other, we always longed for a meeting. They were there occasionally, as it were by chance. Recently, the flame has been hit in a way that I have never experienced before: words that just touch me physically, experiences and conversations that are so intense. A level at which I had never been touched. Soul Level? The feeling is mutual. Our partners have discovered and strictly prohibited our relationship. We have chosen to stay with our families and see if this experience can translate into our relationship. But I don’t succeed. I got rid of my partner. I had already entered that process, but suddenly it is all very clear what is wrong with my relationship. But I don’t dare make choices. I find it so difficult. My question is: how can I act on this sense of lack without abandoning my family?

Answer 1
Spiritually, you have already abandoned your family. Give yourself the opportunity to create a little peace for a year, as far as that is still possible. You have put it all nicely in a row this development, my intuition says that you get stuck further if you stay where you are. Maybe you need to get a little stronger first, because you say you don’t dare. Keep talking about it with each other. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Breaking through traditional situations requires a different view of things, as they are always stuck, that can change. You, too, remain the man / woman you want to be for your family, that is up to you. Be creative, come up with solutions for feel good, how you want to live your life truthfully A relationship that is not good, you can choose to continue like this, do so much, but something gnaws (especially as twins) and it will stay that way, probably getting stronger because you grow. strength because it is a dilemma, look at how do you feel in the current situation? what do you want? Are you still enjoying? or do you know it will stay missing? if you are not allowed by the partners then there is not much left. by the way, my hair will stand upright when I read that a partner strictly forbids something, you are not property anyway! (Unknown)

Answer 3
Why do most people think they are abandoning their families as if they opt for the twin? This is also a piece of fear. I have to say that I was in a relationship while meeting my twin, but I don’t have any children of my own. My twin does have a child with his current partner. The souls are driven towards each other, they want to be together. How do you find the situation with your partner at the moment? If you think carefully, is there a lot of misunderstanding in the relationship? And it is wise to leave children in this situation. I know that every situation is different, but think carefully about the relationship that you have with your current partner. You automatically gain insight. A child is a piece of yourself, nobody can change this, but the love for your child is different from the love for your twin. What to abandon when the children can grow up in a twin relationship? Only ff the button by chopping is difficult … Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 4
Don’t dare .. overcome your fears, one of the things you learn when you come across your twinflame .. your twinflame helps you even if you don’t see him you’re already detached from your partner, you say, your twinflame may be in the same process, if I read it that way … strength (Unknown)

Answer 5
Abandoning the family: what I think plays a role in this is the collective memory. for a twinflame. It is less than 100 years ago, for example, that a second marriage was absolutely not possible. And living together could not harm your children, the shame!

Answer 6
yes, the legacy of generations who thought you should not end a marriage even though it is no longer really good, we realize that relationships are there for our growth. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Thanks for the responses. Our intention is not that we have a relationship by definition and go through life as a couple. But there is an intense desire for contact. And that is not possible unless we do it secretly. I take my responsibility to my family, I want to fight for it. My partner has no understanding of the phenomenon of soul love; it is non-negotiable and is considered nonsense, “the source of all evil”, the cause of our (further) removal. Any form of contact would mean the end of our marriage. My chosen path (wanting to find back who I am and what I want) is actually seen as nibbling the foundations of our relationship. Experiencing soul love makes me feel complete. It just makes sense. I can be myself with him, I feel total inner and outer relaxation, I have room for self-insight, I feel the unconditional love, I can see myself as a loving person. Unfortunately, those moments no longer occur. What I would like is to feel this as an enrichment. And don’t focus on the loss. Is this a matter of growth, of time? (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes, we now deal with relationships in a more spiritual way. More and more people live alone for a short or longer period of time, you see that throughout the Western world. they all need a lot of time. The generation born in the 70s has experienced separation on a large scale for the first time. How short has that been since! Perhaps that is why there are now more twinflames who find each other, to serve as an example for spiritual relationship formation … (Unknown)

Answer 9
Love means that you let the other be and become who he wants to be, certainly in a relationship. Your growth is no longer equal. you make a spurt of growth through your twin, and if there is no talking about it then a part of who you are denied..the source of all evil? Your family is very important, but so are you, if you want to grow and if you are not allowed to do that, then you put yourself in the lowest position. Stagnation means decline. My advice; love yourself! that would be a great enrichment for you. (Unknown)