Q0004. Soulmate?


Through a medium I found out that the person I feel is the person who belongs to me and who I would like to share everything with is my soulmate. I have intense feelings for him, but I don’t have the impression that this is the other way around. Can the love of soulmates be one-sided or has that person just not discovered it or does it stop? I am married to someone else, that person is still single.

The love between soulmates is not one-sided. Both the one and the other must come to the discovery or come to the realization that there is ‘something’ between one and the other. This discovery can be made very difficult by personal blockages such as traumas from your life that have not been processed properly. There is also the free will. Even though the other person has discovered or realizes that something very special is going on between you, that person can decide for nothing to do nothing with it. (Here I speak from personal experience). Another aspect of soul love is that when you start to experience it (both), it is very confronting with yourself, not everyone wants or can handle that confrontation with themselves. That may be a reason for someone to choose to shut themselves off from soul love. In summary, I do not believe that love can be one-sided because that love has somehow already existed in a previous life. But there are enough reasons why someone would not want to surrender to it.

Hi! Unfortunately I can only give my confirmation on the previous answer. I have had a relationship with my soul love, but I was a mirror to him. I confronted him with his deepest feelings, past (things he buried deeply) and that made him feel oppressed. He has a . behind the relationship, but to this day I cannot let go. But he blocks every contact; I can’t get through it. Now my feeling is so strongly developed that I have the strong feeling that he experiences the same. But when will he admit that?