Q0559. Radio silence?


Are there more that get a little scared of radio silence? I myself also have the idea that my twin is far away from me and that scares me. Although I should not be, it scares me that he is able to forget me, to put it away. In the beginning, I often had the idea that I knew what he was feeling. That he still wanted to contact me, that he missed me, but nowadays I don’t feel or know anything anymore and that makes me sad, loses my faith and that causes sadness again. Is this an eye in the storm to refuel? Do you just have to let this come over you? Or is this a sign that you yourself have to be a little more active in asking questions and receiving answers and making telepathic contact? I now want to pretend that nothing has happened. If he is not working on me, then I am not dealing with him either. a bit like that. Not nice anyway.

Answer 1
Oh how recognizable. I am in exactly such a radio silence with my twin and that is certainly not fun. I sometimes get a little nervous and think “if you don’t think about me, then I won’t think about you anymore.” He didn’t even call on my birthday last. I know it’s a man and men aren’t usually that attentive. But that still affects me, while I don’t want to. I know from experience that this is indeed an eye in the storm. A period of relative peace. You also need that because otherwise you will not be able to cope. At least not me. The whole twin gives me enormous energy boosts but also draws a lot of energy away from me. At times I hardly sleep while I am catching up when it comes to sleep. There is nothing at all, not even telepathic contact, and that is quite difficult. But I know that this period will come to an end again and everything will be full again. Are you very new in the field of soul love? (Unknown)

Answer 2
Terrible that silence, I know! But now your fear is that he has forgotten you etc. Your ego wants to put you on the wrong path. Believe in the karmic, you cannot forget your twin. If our twins are ready, they will automatically contact again. My twin sometimes comes around again. If my twin takes another distance, I know he is not ready for this. Make sure you don’t do strange things out of fear. Send that fear away and remember that you want to give the twin the space to work on his / her transformation process. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 3
I think that the radio silence is also largely in yourself, I have for a while thought that I felt nothing, then I try to make contact and sometimes it does not work, but now that I have released a bit of sadness, I feel my twin completely worried again me .. it tickles and tingles and that is something of the last few months that comes back again and again .. and even when I feel sad he comes along comforting somehow, ask me sometimes; are you there? and then it gets even more intense. Even though I don’t see my twin and I don’t hear anything on earth from him, I still feel it more clearly .. and I also notice that if I let go a little more, my own path follows that the universe follows me will help again..in characters about twin, but also in my work..beautiful to experience again. but that radio silence, yes, I also think that is terrible..think me; twin is busy with important parts of his life that i have no influence on. try to send him my love but or! it always arrives? hope so, but forget that really will not work anymore, hold on to it, it will come again naturally .. beware that you have not adjusted your volume control too hard and make sure you are on the right channel tuned, tie so easy otherwise you will receive nothing..haha (Unknown)

Answer 4
I have also experienced this several times. First I panicked, was afraid that he had forgotten me, every time I realized that this was not the case. At this moment I am experiencing that he is not thinking about me, but I am not panicking. I know that he has a very busy life with heavy responsibilities. I think he’s just too busy and I disappear into the background for him. I know that if I come across him again, that all feelings will come back just as fiercely. I myself think that this feeling also has to do with spiritual development. I notice that my soul love feeling is ‘broadened’. I experience the love of my soul with several people, in a different way, universally. His place can’t replace, that’s for sure, he made sure that this feeling was ignited in me ‘. I hope this is a bit reassuring for you. (F.)

Thank you for your answers. I was happy when I just read them. It is a heart to me. I am the questioner and I am indeed new. I was able to meet my twin in August 2010. There are so many things that I learn in a short time, see my story at question 551, but also there is currently a radio silence in it and that makes me uncertain about my own abilities and even about this phenomenon. It is now so quiet, no deep love, no sorrow, that I wonder if I have not imagined it all. I am going to doubt what I have experienced and experienced before. Of course it is nice that you can relax for a moment, (handy with Christmas at the door) but I still feel it is not good, it also feels a bit empty and a little sad. I want to continue. Sometimes I think I’m in a hurry, very stupid. Therefore my question; is this an eye in the storm or is this the future trend. Because then I will have to go all the way to continue buying! on the spiritual path, while it has come flying to me in recent weeks. (L.)

Answer 5
I recognize it, I have had it many times. And then you start doubting everything again. But also always noticed when I surrendered to the situation and could let it go that it would come back by itself, letting go is the magic word. For me it was (I now know) always a very clear lesson in “uncertainty”, but the more often that happens the stronger you come out. And in the end you will be able to let it go completely, be able to accept that it is as it is, and have faith that everything has a reason. If you are in the middle of it, it is not nice (softly expressed), not always understandable, but in retrospect it appears that it was useful, nothing happens for nothing. Love and strength (Forever)

Answer 6
dear F. you have now broadened the feeling of soul love, I know that I feel much more love for several people, but I only want a relationship with my twin, that special one who lit it, how is that? than with you (unknown)

Answer 7
Yes, I thought that was a bit scary the first time. And thought “Well guys, this was it then.” I see that after so many lifetimes with twin, I still think so. But afterwards, ‘he will return as cheerfully, as a bird that has just been traveling for a while. twin often for granted and through those silences you realize again how important that energetic contact is. Be happy with your twin, unconditionally, also in those silences. Your well-being and the well-being of your twin are inseparable, never. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Response to answer 6. You ask me if I would rather not have a relationship with my soul love, of course that would be the pinnacle of ultimate happiness, but I also dearly love my children and even my earthly husband. If I should hurt them, I would also hurt myself, because I love them dearly, and this also applies to my soul love and his family, I think. To separate a father from his children (to make a weekend father), because I have to be happy if necessary, that is the pinnacle of selfishness. I am sorry for the rest here who have opted for it, but love is also ‘let live’. For me it would be enough to know that somewhere on this globe someone is walking around who loves me as much as I love him and occasionally hear his voice and see his face, I don’t want anything more, I don’t have to, because where you cross the border, the pain of others starts. You simply do not have this right love (F.)

Answer 9
Dear F, I broadly agree with you and I am in the same boat. Still, I would really like to continue with my twin but I am confident that if we are destined for each other, this will happen anyway. Every situation is different, if you stay very close to your feeling then you know what your path is. I once read that twinflames will never end their relationship just to be with their twin, if the current relationship is terminated then it probably already broke down or was not good anymore. If it is the intention, then you will come together anyway, and I feel that very strongly with us. (Forever)

Answer 10
Separating a father from his children is egoism, but what if that father can no longer do anything else and go through it himself? We are talking about soul love, built up over many lives, there can hardly be measured by human earthly standards.It is understandable this point of view just a little too short, in my opinion. Separating someone from their freedom is just as bad. I have been single all my life and my twin has left me free for the rest of my life, because it’s up to him Fixed (Unknown)

Answer 11
and if you have grown together? you know what hurts if you don’t listen to your own soul, that hurts. and you know what hurts even more if you have a partner who does love you but loves you more … I could not live with that anymore. not myself but not as a partner either. but well everyone does it his way and it is different for everyone, his blueprint. and whether you are doing well you never know or actually it is always good if you only act from your own soul and from your heart, that is not egoism, that is Love! I notice because I am helped by the universe! and still..lovers. (Unknown)

Answer 12
Oh Forever, what you say in answer 8 is just my story !! Completely the same. I also feel that way, I am married with children and I really have a great man who I am still crazy about. I really love two men and that has been an inner struggle for years for feeling deeply guilty and knowing nothing about it. The turning point came early this year, everything fell into place emotionally and I have grown enormously. All of a sudden I was allowed to be there from myself, be without conditions, good as I am. It was a true liberation. I also think it is the pinnacle of egoism to separate and go for my twin. It would be enough for me to know that he feels the same for me and leads his own life. Just to know and hear from him that he also feels that unconditional love for me. I don’t need anything else. I also sublimate that love to the people around me, have become much more social and preferable since I know the love of my soul. Another question for you; you never desire to have your twin physically close to you. In all honesty I sometimes have that. When I look at him it can really surprise me. (Unknown)

Answer 13
For answer 10; if you go under it something is wrong and it is important to follow your own heart. And whatever that decision is, it has nothing to do with selfishness, but with love for yourself, and that is precisely what a soul love comes into your life, to open your eyes and bring you back to yourself. For answer 12; F is not the same person forever, although our stories look a lot alike, I can really be surprised. (Forever)

Answer 14
Answer 10 Thank you, I could not have said it more clearly, you are not looking for it, it happens to you and you have to deal with it .. You go under if you no longer listen to what your heart, your soul whispers to you .(Unknown)

Answer 15
Just a supplement for answer 10; Whatever decision you make, if it is taken from your heart then it is always good and that will eventually bring you back to your path. Also, remember that you and your twin must first complete their path before an earthly togetherness is possible / achievable. Wish you a lot of strength, love (Forever)

Answer 16
Response to answer 11; this piece “and you know what else hurts if you have a partner who loves you but loves someone else … I could not live with that anymore. not themselves but not as a partner either. ”…. is an earthly thought, I understand it because I thought so before … but is based on EGO, above that they have no ranks and positions in love, love is love. (Unknown)

Answer 17
Response to answer 10: Dear unknown (a pity that nobody enters something for name or letter, it would really make it easier), firstly everyone is responsible for his / her own choices. If your twin chooses his family and goes under this, this is his own choice, you cannot change anything about it. He is probably not that far in his process or is there something that binds him to his family that he does not want to get rid of. He has to fight that fight himself. Secondly, it is not his fault that you are now alone and not entering into a relationship with another. Perhaps very briefly through the corner, sorry but come out of your ‘victim role’ and I tell you that with love. You all feel strongly connected to him, we all have that, but be open to others, there are several people who are your soulmates,

Answer 18
Response to answer 11: You know that giving birth also hurts and it leads to something very beautiful. Don’t forget that after the pain something beautiful comes into existence. Perhaps your soul has to go through the pain to receive something more beautiful. You say that you are being helped by the universe, very beautiful of course. That does not mean that your choice is the right one and who says that all others are not helped when consciously choose no relationship with their twin? Maybe they have it easier, who knows? With all love (F.)

Answer 19
Response to answer 12: finally a positive answer! You responded, but you did not mean “Forever” but me “F” so, because you responded to answer 8. You ask if I do not want my twin, well I almost never see him, that helps. If I see him every day, then of course it will be more difficult. Although I have to say that the attraction that we have, strangely enough, does not resemble earthly attraction. I do not know how to describe this, but it is as if you do not need physical contact, so much happens just when you look at each other. Probably so much love is released that everything physical becomes superfluous;) love. (F.)

Answer 20
in response to all the violent reactions I love love, I love soulmates, I love all dear people, I see the light in the less loving people, but; I LOVE my LIEF (Unknown)

Answer 21 You can
count on it that your LOVE also loves you, but don’t forget to love yourself, right? Love (Unknown)

Answer 22
Answer 17: I open myself to others, but when I open myself, my twin immediately starts to panic and start to feel restless, energetically. He is married and I am single. (Unknown)

Answer 23
Thank you F. for the painful mirror, things have become clear to me again, dear greeting. (Unknown)

Answer 24
Answer 8: If a man divorces his wife (he is not divorced, he is not married either), then it is in that capacity and only as a second father of his children. If the reason is love for a another, and especially for a twinflame, that has nothing to do with egoism. Oh yes we were talking about radio silence here … (Unknown)

Answer 25
First, let’s explain to our children that man tends towards polygamy … (Unknown)

Answer 26
To answer 19, maybe that’s why you almost never see your twin, so you have it easier with the desire;) (Unknown)

Answer 27
to F .; multiple soulmates that you can continue with, something like this not a handful but a country full .. my question was at a given moment; do I choose love? yes and I am ready for my great Love, because I am growing there; no, because sometimes I have a tendency to be content with… but that doesn’t feel right, deep down, and that is not a victim role, but to look at myself honestly and to take responsibility independently of my twin. yes I might make it difficult for myself, that is my choice and no one else’s, donders that is difficult .. greetings (M.)

Answer 28
Answer 27: I am not doing it for less either. Perhaps even at some point in a life, we intentionally make it difficult for us. That is to become strong, to sharpen ourselves, not to choose the easiest way (if we could do that in our heart!), But as an exercise the result of which is only visible in the long term. Maybe in a next life. (Unknown)

Answer 29
Response to answer 23: You’re welcome, my experience is that a mirror can be painful, but it will always help you on your way. Response answer 26: Ha Ha! If I had the opportunity, I would visit him every day to recharge;) But no, it’s not to make it easy for myself, it just can’t be done in practice, unfortunately: ((, but a nice side effect) is that I can control my desire !! :)) Response answer 27: You did not fully understand me, I think, it is a process that you are going through. You now pin yourself completely to that one person, I had that too. At a certain moment you will find that the feeling of soul love is separate from the person and that you can also experience it separately from the person. Sometimes you also feel similar feelings with soulmates. It will never be the same if your great “soul love” can come close. I also mean that by broadening the feeling. You can enjoy this feeling even when you are alone and sitting quietly in your room. You are still very attached to the person, you still have to learn to let go, that will facilitate your process.loves. (F.)

Answer 30
Dear F; Could it also be that with you and your twin it is not the intention that you merge into this earthly life, and that you therefore do not feel that urge or tension? and that therefore you are not confronted with each other daily or very regularly so that there is no need or that you can let go of this more easily? After all, you are presented with what the universe fits within your or your blueprint and if there is no earthly merging in it then I can imagine that you also know / feel / accept it very deep down and can therefore release more easily. (J .)

Answer 31
To answer 29, nice for your F..beautifully said; letting go and feeling of love for soulmates but still; control that one, your other half … desire? wonder if you could keep that up for the rest of your life? I am afraid that I will not succeed, it will be quite a struggle with myself, because the strange thing is that I just find that person much too sweet / nice / and not just his soul, so difficult! but maybe you have less trouble there from..thanks for your advice..lovers (M.)

Answer 32
Dear J., I rather think that I have passed that phase. I have had a while that I wanted to do everything in my power to continue my life with him, it was a foolish action that was mainly based on desire and ego. I saw that that does not work, so then there is only 1 option ‘let go in love’ that of course does not mean that I forget him. I had the feeling that we had to come together anyway, but now I see that this is not going to happen with my ‘pulling’, I do intuitively sense when I have to take action, he gives me answers to my questions feeling level. I feel that you can only develop this when you can keep your ego’s desire under control. Otherwise you no longer know how to distinguish your intuition and your desire. In any case, I know that it is not the intention to come together for now. Someday we come together, I can feel that, but whether that is when we are old or maybe after death, no idea? love (F.)

Answer 33
Dear J. answer 30 and F. answer 32. My twin and I have not been in contact for 4 months either. Still, New Year’s Day was prompted to send an SMS. While I ABSOLUTELY did not intend. I would leave my twin alone, that was my whole thought. He definitely doesn’t want to contact me. I would rather not let me hear again than send a card with his birthday for example. And yet I send him a text message impulsively. And to my big surprise I got a message back !! Not the answer I wanted, but I got a message !! After this I immediately had more feeling, more thoughts, more knowledge. That way I also have the strong idea that we have an assignment to fulfill together. The path is only vague, it is a thought, the clarity has yet to come. But despite the fact that we have not merged (I have no idea how that works), I still think we will see each other again. So state that you will not come together in this le! because you haven’t merged yet, I think it’s a little too obvious. I don’t think this should be necessary by definition to be able to say that you will come together in this life. Rather, in our case, I think my twin is not yet ready to merge. My twin is only very young, I would certainly not wish to merge with him !! I suspect that at our next meeting in full awareness (that may take another 10 years) we will merge. Then a relationship in whatever form and cooperation is possible.