S259. Driven by intuition


It was in the year that I seemed to be driven by my intuition. I made illogical choices because I was not guided by my reason but by my heart. That’s how I ended up in a music school and got to know a woman. She clicked better with my girlfriend but while talking I found out that her husband was very interested in the same music as me. However, he never went to live performances like me. Furthermore, their relationship seemed exhausted and there was little mutual understanding for each other. Shortly thereafter, after consulting her, I took the man to a live performance of his favorite band. I had a hidden agenda because I would also gauge how he was in the relationship. My curiosity was aroused professionally (Assistance). I had a strange picture of the man from the stories of musical knowledge, but someone who loves this music can never be very annoying, I encouraged myself. I picked up the man and from the moment he was in the car with me a very familiar but also exciting feeling came up. On the outside it was certainly not the man who would attract my attention. On the contrary, he even looked a bit boring. The evening was fantastic! we enjoyed the music and the man turned out to be very open, spontaneous, pleasant and enthusiastic. With pain in my heart I dropped it off at home. Then it went really fast … The evening was fantastic! we enjoyed the music and the man turned out to be very open, spontaneous, pleasant and enthusiastic. With pain in my heart I dropped it off at home. Then it went really fast … The evening was fantastic! we enjoyed the music and the man turned out to be very open, spontaneous, pleasant and enthusiastic. With pain in my heart I dropped it off at home. Then it went really fast …

One thing was clear. I would keep in touch with him, anyway! I emailed him and the following weekend we met at another music evening. His wife looked after our children and my husband and a friend also came with us. We could not keep our eyes apart. I glowed and glowed and he too, I heard later. Bizarre! The world around us no longer existed. It was coming home. Familiar, pure and unconditional love like I had never felt before. However, we each had our own relationships. His own had long been extinguished. In my marriage we had found a way to deal with each other’s differences and we lived as a brother and sister. We each had 3 children for whom we wanted to go completely …

We met in 2002 and started living together in 2003 after first ending my relationship. In 2008 we made it official with all children through a registered partnership. Not necessary for the confirmation of our love but for the business and financial aspects of our relationship and children. He is my everything. My love, my buddy, my best friend, my lover, my rock in the surf, but also my mirror and reflection partner. Thanks to him I was able to grow in love again.

Almost immediately after our meeting I told my husband what happened and what I felt for this man. I literally said “I don’t know what happens, but I came home to this man. I’m not in love but it seems like I’ve known him for hundreds of years. I cannot see into the future, but I do know that I will always stay connected to him. ” I don’t know if my husband understood, but he has given the room for it and that has been the salvation of our understanding. Now that we are divorced, there is still affection and we treat each other in a normal way. Mutual respect has always remained. The woman had less understanding for it. She found it threatening and ridiculous, even though their marriage had long since died.

Especially misunderstanding of the wife of my soul love. Up to the present day. Very painful for the children. They have suffered a lot and still suffer. She was remarried and divorced after half a year and has a new relationship, but remains resentful and frustrated. Perhaps her personality structure (borderline drawing) will also underlie this. We have both rationally chosen to handle the situation with care, calmness and integrity for the sake of our children. That felt like riding a roller coaster with the parking brake on, but in retrospect it was good. We discussed the time recently with one of the older daughters and then you realize how intense the early years have been.

A roller coaster with the parking brake on. Lots of mutual love but could not give in because of relationships that had to be closed and especially the children. The soul bond we had was unbreakable, that was clear. But how we had to shape it was difficult. We kept in touch via email and met (secretly) with each other when the opportunity was there. He did come to my house, but the other way around it was impossible. After more than half a year “it” had to happen before I started to break. Ok, we planned that very unromantically but carefully.

We are an official couple and our relationship is more than satisfactory in all areas. I can’t imagine a life without him and I know he has that too. He now has to leave for a few days for work and we both look forward to that. Life is so much more fun with him.

I only now know what love is. It was not love at first sight but it was at the first meeting. He is part of me and I of him. It gives me confidence and I have come home to myself. I have gained faith in love, life and death. I only realized after meeting him that we must have shared previous lives with each other so there is life after death. I used my parents’ relationship as an example and thought that you should always fight for your relationship. I can now tell our children that this is absolutely not the case. I don’t have to explain much to him, but every now and then we hold up a mirror to each other. That is why I have developed enormously in recent years.

The realization that you have found a part of yourself. No matter how the relationship could develop, I was aware that it exists and that was a great feeling. We also have an enormous physical attraction that allows us to reach seventh heaven together.

Yes (see above). We both look forward to each other every evening to be allowed to lie together. We have really discovered our sexuality in this relationship. I also look forward to seeing him again every day when we work.

Unconditional, all-embracing, trusted and intense love in which you experience all the space, confidence and strength to grow as a person.

Tips: Stay close to yourself and trust your intuition. It sometimes seems enormously overwhelming and therefore a bit scary, but with confidence everything will be alright. Be honest and open.

Yes. I had that need especially in the early days when I was totally overwhelmed. I have been searching a lot and have been on a small forum with fellow sufferers for a little while. At that time (almost ten years ago) I couldn’t find much about it. I also think it would be great to exchange ideas with others now.