Q0555. Relationship? Does that work?


Many here have the desire to live together with their twinflames. What you can also read is that the contacts between twinflames are anything but smooth. I have not come across 1 twinflame here, I think, who has a satisfying relationship with his or her other half. Why do you think you will succeed? Would that work in practice, live together with your twinflame in a relationship and / or under one roof?

Answer 1
We have only one wish, to be together, undisturbed, and that is what causes the problems between us, furthermore we only have Love for each other, every encounter is one of Love. we are each other and we fully understand each other..the obstacles for us are the partners, the obligations. but here we come, that is what I feel very strong and of which I also know that it is meant to go on together in order to join forces in this way .. how I know, it is confirmed by the universe that I feel good. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I and my twin have only just been united. We have plans to build on a future. What I read a lot here, that the desire is often unbearable, but it is forgotten that this desire has little to do with the heart. What I learned to be fully with myself again first. To be busy with my own development, to build my own life, to be happy outside of my twin. After that there were conversations with my twin, so we slowly came together again. Both were pure from our past. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I also think it would work with us, be together, be undisturbed, be free, that feels good, that will be fine, someday when it is our time … until then, love you! (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, that would work, provided that it was completely free of mutual tensions. (Unknown)

Answer 5
yes both have to be clean from the past, fears and want to go for each other completely, then it works..I’m fast on my way. my desire, my Love brings me to use my will in it and I can feel that Love for myself and therefore also for my dearest Twin .. the universe has a nix to a bit .. we must want to go for it, for each other and afterwards for everyone around us we do ourselves a little bit different. do you want that Love or not that’s the question, are you going to live or are you going to fake? (Unknown)

Answer 6
No it will not work, Because there are too many external disturbances that the utopia of being together disappears in our situation. I myself, very much only need space to be able to relax. And my other half also both are hsper. which sometimes makes it all easier. (Unknown)