Q0552. Would you like to know this?


Imagine, after meeting your twin, you got in touch with “above”, clairvoyant moments…. Very gradually built up, but very carefully you were made clear that you and twin may come together in this life eventually and that the relationship with your current partner will be terminated. First you get to hear, do not worry if something happens to your partner but gradually it is made clear to you that your partner will die. Then you ask “upstairs” if you can do something to change that scenario, but you always get “through” that that final outcome is certain. Then you check it at various psychics and you “confirm” (without giving any info about it) that you will become a widow in the foreseeable future. Your partner also regularly makes comments that indicate that he knows it (unknowingly), due to various (very regularly occurring) comments, even your children make comments, just a little too often! to be casual. If you look at programs like Char and Derek Ogilvie you can also hear that “souls” are often unknowingly preparing for what is to come and people often know in advance that they will not grow old … And then the twin story comes up, you want to be with twin, you “know” that it is intended that … .. You also know what will happen with your current relationship (you know that for sure only if it actually happens) and you also know that there are still too many feelings for your current partner to leave him for your twin…. Making it negotiable with your current partner is also not possible, he might not be able to comprehend the twin story for various reasons (and you don’t want to hurt someone you love unnecessarily) and telling what you think you know is of course completely “not done”! Hard enough, pffffffff. I know my path, I get it, I overlook it and I know the reason but it is mega heavy! It happened to me ……….! would you like to know?

Answer 1
You know, I think that every person who feels good about himself and dares to listen to it knows where his life is leading. A person knows that unknowingly, knows much more than he often thinks. Whether you also want to know is another story. Just look around you, people do everything to numb their feelings, not to have to listen to their inner knowing. They look for it in addictions, TV, games and you name it. Personally, I often consciously seek silence in myself, I want to hear what I have to say to myself. And yes, then you come to the most wonderful conclusions. I discovered who my twinflame is, that the person for whom I have had such intense feelings for more than half my life, is anchored in my soul and I in his. What you describe, knowing that you are going to become a widow, is a very hard knowing. Seems very sad to me and on the other hand it is the way that clears the way for you and your twin, no matter how crude it is. Do not get me wrong. Every person has his own life path, his own time to go. You have no influence on that, I think that’s certain. And I reconciled myself to that. That gives a lot of peace of mind, believing that everything that happens is good like that. But around me I see a lot of people struggling with this fact. Death is something very scary, then it all stops. But it never stops. It is a cyclical whole of being born, dying, being born again, etc. And you will never lose the people with whom you are really strongly connected. They will be available again in the next lives in the form of soulmates. How did you learn that your husband won’t grow old? What kind of statements does he make? (Unknown) How did you learn that your husband won’t grow old? What kind of statements does he make? (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I would like to know anyway. You may also make comments from which he can draw conclusions. Do you know what it is, when people die, then in that other dimension, they know everything. their whole life, the whole picture, in one go! So also yours and your twin. (Unknown)

Answer 3 I think
it is difficult if you know this because you cannot share it with your partner, but it makes it easier because you know that the universe has a purpose for you and that your twin may play a role in it. I clearly felt pressure from ‘above’ to end my relationship, which is also difficult, but I also know that there is a purpose for that, and that also has to do with everything, the big picture, with twin and me, deeply You actually know it from the inside, but yes intuition is sometimes difficult, because it is wishful thinking or truth. I sometimes still have my doubts, but the way you get it from ‘above’ seems to me fine again. the knowledge you have about your partner seems very heavy to me, almost as if you are waiting for it, strength and lots of love. (aka yours)

Answer 4
What you have learned is very clear and intensive. Shocking too, it seems to me … While we all know that someday we will die, actually hearing and receiving messages about that is of course a completely different story. And yet, not knowing how my twin thinks about me, whether he will ever realize that our souls are 1 together, and how many years that may last, whether we will ever meet again, whether we are supposed to be in this life still get a form of relationship (age 25 age difference), it makes me despondent, sad and makes it very difficult to maintain my confidence and to follow my path with great joy. Sometimes I find it just TOO heavy, that I met him, that I miss him terribly every day, that I feel incomplete, that I don’t know how long this will last, that I don’t know if he loves me. I would really like to see each other in complete honesty and in complete confidence! were able to tell how deep our love for each other is, so that I only need to feel this intense love and can make my share here on earth with joy and love. That I can become happy again with my husband and that my twin does not have to look for years in relationships but cannot find it. That we know that we belong together and yet each lead our own life and follow our path. (Because I don’t think it’s supposed to be a male / female relationship). I think in such a situation I could mean the most to this world. The way it is now, the sadness is still too dominating to be able to feel and express only that all-dominating love. So as an answer to your question, would you like to know? I would really like to know if twin and I will ever meet again. And preferably also with a time frame. Because we come together again, either in this life or later, only I miss him so much now. ! And to think that this should continue for the rest of my life, let me almost knock out !! So yes, let me know !!! I think……??? (be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it) (Unknown) just let me know !!! I think……??? (be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it) (Unknown) just let me know !!! I think……??? (be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it) (Unknown)

Answer 5
the Anne Franken the Gerrit van de Veenen the Hannie Schaften, SO DYY …. That made me very sad that I now have to die again! if I would tell. And now I am stuck with the dilemma: Would they want to know? Roman Catholics don’t believe in that, in past lives, but in following lives. (Unknown)

I am the questioner. For answer 1, yes, I feel the same way about it and experience it that way, exactly how you describe it. How did I get that? I usually get messages in the form of question and answer in my head, I had to get used to it first because I didn’t know if it was my own thoughts, it was all new to me, but I had so much confirmation and read a lot and talk to people who experience the same things that I now understand how that works. So first I got through carefully, don’t be afraid if… .. then, that one day he would no longer be there, when asked, will he die then? then answer, by then you will understand everything … Then I became very angry, because I also realized that that would clear the way for twin and me (whatever you already wrote) and then I became even more angry and asked what I could do to change that scenario ……. but that was not possible, the end is certain. Fortunately it worked out well m! et that piece of “by that time you’ll understand”, because yes, I oversee and understand it all now, it’s OK … And then those comments from my partner that range from “I think sometimes I don’t grow old ”or“ you should do that to your friend by that time when I am no longer there ”(the latter was shocking to me, I was perplexed, I didn’t ask about it, partner doesn’t know anything about twin and “I don’t have a friend” at all), or “you will miss that later when I’m no longer here” and so much more … and furthermore almost daily how short life is, that life slides past you, almost obsessively. And yes, if he is no longer there and can look up there and understand everything then I hope that he is proud of me, how I can fix it all now because this is really mega heavy, the twingo thing is heavy and therefore Add this, but apparently I have agreed this with myself once, the magic word is losla! and now I manage pretty well haha. (Unknown) the magic word is losla! and now I manage pretty well haha. (Unknown) the magic word is losla! and now I manage pretty well haha. (Unknown)

Answer 6
something is only true when it happens. seeing things clearly can mean anything. dying can also be seen symbolically; as in ‘breaking up’. or ‘start over. that can be confirmed in all sorts of ways. watch out for self-fulfilling prophecy’s … you want to be with twin but your partner is in the way … you want this to be not the case; so partner ‘death’ must know that this also happens / does not happen at all. Maybe you have seen it because you are afraid of it. everyone who analyzes you will confirm your idea because they feel your fear. the line between visions that really come true and those that are symbolic; those that arise from fear, for example, are vague … so be careful with what you call ‘truth’, perhaps it is just fear; I hope so for you. I would not talk about it anymore; it’s going to live a life of its own … not everything you ‘see’ is meant for others. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Response to answer 4…. yes it was shocking but it was built up in such a way also in the course of time that I was growing towards it. First there was of course the encounter with twin, and that gave me so many wings that I was able to handle it all. But, also had a twin who kept on denying despite my approaching attempts, really only wanted to share with him in the sense of shared smart is half smart because we were both in a marriage. But it was too much for him, feelings are not negotiable so it is safer to just keep the door closed. Yes, and that flow of information from above just kept coming in, so it really drove me crazy at some point and then you come to a point where you can only let go of it all, otherwise you won’t “survive”. I now know about twin, recently, finally … I hope for you that you can give it a place in the end, you are in a fast lane! getting in, getting out is not possible so experience it as good and as bad as possible. And also know that there will come a time when you can no longer share it with anyone, this path you walk alone and is lonely for all of us, nice that you have fellow sufferers here on the site which makes you feel a little less lonely .. love from me and a hug (Unknown)

Answer 8 To the person in answer 6; You are absolutely right that it can also be meant “symbolically” and that nothing is certain until it actually happened. But the combination of statements from partner and children and what came to me makes you think. It has kept me very busy for 1 year, every day again, whether and when, whether you like it or not, you cannot escape it if you receive constant confirmation. I talked about it with 1 clairvoyant friend because I really thought I was going crazy and otherwise you don’t speak about this. I can even let it go now, luckily, it will come as it will and we will see and besides that I always have the choice to step out of marriage myself, but that is not the case now. I wanted to share it here with you because this also occurs after the meeting with your twin. For those who have been spiritual all their lives, it is all very self-evident, but for many (including myself) this is new! ng / strange / lonely / hence my question. And that what you “see” or “know” is not meant for others seems obvious to me. To the person in answer 5; so weird, I’ve read this before and don’t know what to do with it, have more answers and poems here that I think “where do I know about that, I’ve read that before”, but maybe that was in 1 of my clear dreams … (Unknown)

Answer 9
Answer 8, I am answer 5. You may have read it in a local paper? Online or not? Because there was the comment from someone who seriously threatened me if I told the family. So he made it public himself. So that the family can find out and maybe become curious. And that is exactly what he wanted to prevent! And then there is still a legal process here in the Netherlands, an indictment for libel, or something like that. The family can also think: Ah, again such a village idiot, we don’t have to worry about this. (Unknown)