Q1290 Is soul love meant to live together, or …?


My soul love and I got married 2 1/2 years ago, but due to circumstances (finances, IND) we see less and less of an opportunity to live together while we really want this. We each live in a different part of the world. My question now is, what do you think: Is our soul love meant to live together, or only to go through certain experiences together to grow as a person?

Answer 1
Wow, what difficult say for you … Being married and wanting to be together, but not being able to. Still, it’s the way it should be. If the circumstances do not allow it, it should apparently not be (now). This does not mean that you have to accept it. Keep searching and be open to a possibility. If it is the intention, then it will come. But accept what it is now and do not ask yourself what the intention is. The intention is how it works. What also comes. I wish you a lot of peace, strength and wisdom!

Answer 2
A soul love or twinflame is to learn from each other. Your soul love is your other half and you can of course go and live together, that is a choice that you make. It seems to me that the ultimate happiness is that you connect exactly.

Answer 3
Thank you for your response.
@ 2: the point is that we cannot be together. @ 1: I feel like I have to make a choice: Hold on to a dream or give up. Choose with my feeling or with my mind. But you are right, maybe I should not make a decision right now and accept the given situation. Sooner or later I will know the answer.