Q0526. I asked my twin to let go?


In the 2 years that our relationship ended, I felt the daily negative moods of my remote twin. Until recently I asked twin to let go. Out of respect for me, he did this. How nice it is to be able to fully feel my own feelings. Now I feel a warm energy just below my heart every day. Both know we belong together. But due to the problems my twin has, his priority is to solve this. The love we feel for each other will always be there. Now I have 2 questions: how come I feel a warm energy just below my heart, the second question: what does this mean for your personal development now that you have released your twin? That we will come together sometime, will no doubt happen once.

Sorry to say so, but you have given in to your fears. You come together with your twin, as long as you process your fears from the past. Little by little you get closer to your twin (in a very slow way), but would you not want to speed up this process by working on the fears that have come up that you have met your twin? Unconditional love is not “waiting”, there are a lot of things involved, you will not get this for nothing. (A.)

You are right about my fears. Every day I am aware of my fears and go through this. I thought it would be much harder, but it was not so bad. The more I go through this, the more insights I get and the better I feel. I also notice that I and my twin have entered the final phase. He recently informed me that through my energy he became more powerful. Both know what we want but want to start completely with a clean slate, independent of each other but still being together. Thank you for your response and the insight you have given me. (Maxime)