Q0504. Telepathy with your twinflame?


Who recognizes the experience of telepathy with the twinflame? Since a few years I have experienced that I feel him remotely, I sometimes know what he is doing or was doing, and if I think I am going to see his name somewhere, I also see him somewhere a few seconds later. Is this the familiar line that people often talk about? And does that automatically mean that the other person also experiences this or is that not necessary?

Every twin experiences it their way. You seem to be deep in your feeling, that is why you feel your twin well. Maybe he feels it too but is not consciously working on it. If my twin is not feeling well, I will send him positive energy. He feels it but he is not aware that it comes from me. If he suddenly feels good, he doesn’t understand why. (Unknown)

Since the souls have found each other again, there has been some sort of telepathy. You feel the other and the other feels you. If you just feel happy and suddenly you feel unhappy then you can be sure that this is the other person. You also meet each other because you want to see each other. (Unknown)

Yes telepathy I noticed for the first time in the reactions of my twin when we are together now I also notice it when I think or imagine something that my twin is experiencing, I am not sure but I feel it is .. you are each other’s receiving station net and transmitter .. something like this over and over again and wishes come true more and more and therefore I am very sure of my twin. beautiful without words and yet knowing, wonderfully a beautiful answer from the universe, a direct line, without noise. sometimes noise, but that is more to me I’m now behind. (Unknown)

I was the questioner. Today I thought intensively about my twinflame and hoped he would call me. Tonight the phone rang and it was him! I almost fell off my seat while I already knew it was him before seeing his number. So special. (Unknown)