Q0481. Is this in love or does it go deeper?


I really want to answer my question: is this an ordinary love affair or is it going down to my soul? I have never experienced these intense feelings of miss, sadness, despair, contact, yet. He is way too young (my daughter’s former boyfriend) and I don’t think he is aware of anything. After I told him in an impulsive mood that cupid shot the arrow that was meant for my daughter in my heart, he broke every contact. Logical. It was a desperate act for me because I was obsessed with him by e-mail. Waiting for an answer from him. I thought I could close this case and end it. Now it was clear that it was not mutual and that should have been enough for me. But nothing is less true. Our family does not feel complete now that he is no longer part of it. Now we don’t talk about him anymore. Now that there is no chance that I will ever see him again. And all I want is to look into those huge deep blue eyes and talk to him. Be with him. If he is not with me, I feel unhappy, very restless, I eat poorly, sleep little. Everything has lost its luster. Nothing is more important. I Am! n over-emotional. Every time I try to think of a way to get in touch with him because I want to hear from him how he is doing. It seems like I know how he feels. Confused, not happy. I also think I know for sure that he is not talking to anyone about this. That he misses talking to me (because we could do that very openly) and wants to email me but he doesn’t dare. This is too confrontational so he ignores me in every way. But what if I am wrong? What if that a few times I sent another message, he laughs and reads the e-mail and says, “Duh … haha ​​you would like. Nice not !! ”What if he feels great and is not bothered anymore and has closed the business? Then I make myself completely ridiculous when I mail him with the question to talk to me because I think he does not feel happy. On the other hand, why do I see that he still visits my daughter’s site almost every day! and mine last week for weeks. That means he’s not separate from us. And I have been on the seesaw for days now. Is this soul love, because I love him, pure like a kind of son without sexual feelings, or is this a love affair? Who oh who can please give me an answer to this? or is this a crush? Who oh who can please give me an answer to this?

It seems to me more and more, the more often I read your story, a love of my soul. Someone from a past life who is now looking for you again (through your daughter, oh how children are handy in life!). You never seem ridiculous in this. That is only in your head, that fear of going off. Here again I think it is best to say goodbye as quickly as possible, radical. For 1 year. And then you have to let the “chemistry” of life do the work itself. Let’s see what nice things that yield ….? Do not look back, try to take care of yourself as well as possible (although that is quite difficult, since I met my twinflame 2 years ago, I have gotten a different sleep rhythm, almost no night I sleep through in one go). is, I think, in a major transformation period that can take years, maybe 5 years. Then you come out reborn again, betting? In any case, try it, a year is over in no time. (Unknown)

Thank you for your answer!!!! I was just as afraid that people would judge me here on my story about the age. Something other than radically saying goodbye is no longer possible. I will have to grant him that too. I take your story very seriously. What a nice answer to read. Thank you again. I will undoubtedly come out stronger here, although I now have my doubts. Moreover, I am concerned about the duration of the transformation. I really cannot hope that I will feel just as abandoned in years as I am today. In that case, I do believe that people die of love sorrow. I wonder if I will ever hear from him again. I don’t think so myself. Certainly I hope that makes sense, because sometimes it is almost too heavy to wear. Thanks again for your answer. I definitely benefit from this. Certainly the piece that you also think this should be soul love. A pity, actually, that makes it even worse to try and forget. What should you do with a soul love if it does not want to know anything about you and you will never come together? My heart is crying! daily. (unknown)

People who would condemn you for this should think carefully. You feel what you feel and you cannot change anything about it. Apparently it comes from your heart and I also think when reading the whole story that you are dealing with a soul that you have known for many lifetimes. Maybe you should have kept your feelings for you because that might have put him off. If it’s a young person, he probably can’t place this at all and sense your intention. I understand how lonely that feels, also that he seems to be gone from your life forever. But remember that if something or someone really belongs to you, he will always come back to you. Life sometimes has mysterious ways. (Unknown)