P0614. Far away


You feel far away from me and I’m cold
You go far away from me, maybe because you love her
I know the answer in my heart
But I can’t
remember Maybe I will tell you sometime
Maybe not, and should you be the first to take the step
Or maybe we should stay away from each other to prevent misery
Because we are being watched
You know who I mean, maybe there are more
Never there is a chance to really be ourselves his
All you had the opportunity a couple of times

Didn’t you dare or what was it that stopped you?
I was with you, stood next to you and we talked
But we didn’t speak out what really drives us

You have been given many hints from some spoke sadness and regret
I could not clearly answer
it never was before time

Always those observant eyes everywhere,
The desire to catch us on something
There is one that I therefore despise
the most I would prefer to blame everything and everyone

Now you are leaving with her and I will be left behind in a month of celebration and light
In my heart it is dark and cold
But I already know what I am focusing on

For the people I love, it must be a party and I will enjoy it a little.
Maybe I will think about you for a little while.
But I don’t want to shed tears anymore for you

Maybe you are right and we really have to wait for the next life
Nobody knows
Nobody can give us certainty

That’s why I live day by day and in the moment.
You do the same thing, without losing sight of your heart.
After all these years so close to you and yet at a distance, I can tell you that you get used to it

Do not adhere to an ideal image
Stay with yourself and draw your own plan
In a permanent relationship with children you will only get bored,
You are not the man for that

Well for me and only for me
Life was faster than myself
And before I knew it I was no longer free

A flower that was picked very quickly after it came into bloom.
No time to oversee things yet.
Love was blinded and the fence fell off

Only years later did I know what I know now.
I like two men very differently.
You should know how I sometimes suffered from that

I finally found peace in it and if it was there
He and you and me and the love for each other
It is sometimes very difficult
But also something valuable and at the same time makes it vulnerable

It remains a balancing act and a search for balance.
But at the end of the tunnel, solid light comes on.

Love you…