Q0478. Can soulmates love be one-sided?


Can soulmates love be one-sided? Is soul relationship age related? And could it be that I experience it, but not the other, much younger person?

The soul is (living) timeless, not experiential. He stores experiences from past lives. Soulmates with different ages do not matter, so not age-related; my son and I are very close soulmates and we are 34 years old, the previous life 18 years, that is, earthy years, nevertheless we treat each other equally. I do think that the experience can be different and that one feels more kinship, is more aware of this, than the other. Until that other is triggered by something, eg. an event that reminds him / her of a jointly experienced phenomenon in an earlier life, and then the other also comes to a (greater) sense of soul kinship. (Unknown)

I asked the question and would like to add something: if I assume that it also concerns twinflames in my case (I am not sure about that despite the fact that I have never experienced such a strong and deep emotion in my life) and especially experienced a huge loss) then my twinflame is 16 and I am 41 ………… and he has no idea. In any case, he evades me on all fronts. I have been completely blown away by my emotions and I don’t really know how to deal with this. It is so intense and enormous what I feel … It would be great if other people had similar experiences and would like to share them with me. It knows I have to let go but that is SO difficult … (Unknown)

Da’s nicely but … how do you know that exactly about you and your son? through someone else or do you feel that? (Unknown)

My son and I worked closely together in the Second World War. He was the financier of the resistance, I was the courier. Such strong memories emerge after you meet your twinflame. Then the kundalini awakens and then fragments from previous communal lives go through the washing masks 1 by 1, being relived as it were. At least with me, and that determines the bond we have in this (and the subsequent?) life. Things from previous lives you get back in pieces in the next life in eg family patterns, and also career. He had to redo things from my life and I had to redo some of him and this is how we worked together again, but then for everyone and not for a special purpose. Reconciliations also took place with the then enemy, in the form of friendships, and you can see it,