Q0465. What I say about you, is about me?


I ‘attacked’ my twin very often on his words, while he meant it so sweetly! Why do I think that the inability to come together is on the other? Have I already looked at myself to see what I still have to do / change? My twin has probably done a lot and struggled through, but I can’t see that from a distance, but my twin is just like me, so maybe he is already free in his heart. My heart is not yet completely free of fear and pain, but it is free for my twin! but I also have a big heart that doesn’t want to push others out. Would I like to scream so much that I love him, but how and where and against whom can I do that? You are sometimes the same in so many feelings, but the approach is sometimes so different that you sometimes don’t understand each other. I just addressed myself and my motto becomes; “What I say is me!” Yesterday, inexplicably, I thought that my twin would come and I felt that I could receive it with all my love, it was a nice test, a gift from above to practice whether I was ready. There was disappointment then it was something completely different (thought that I was turning my wishes around, sometimes you think it is all really true? did I not draw the wrong conclusions? I think I am in contact, but maybe it is quite someone different?), sounds vague but for me it was an exercise, also the disappointment, but I know it will be okay .. and my love keeps growing

I would really like to see, hear and hear my twin and I dare not go to my twin and my twin to me, how long are we going to maintain that. we are also absorbed in this. we both think that the other person will come..have already made contact a few times..know that my twin misses me too, sometimes feel so lost, why is it like that? what should i learn from this? doesn’t want to learn this anymore but wants to enjoy our love, find him so sweet, why do we do that? love (Unknown)

Release your twin for a moment. Focus on yourself. I see you’re having a hard time with yourself. Everything that your twin cannot and will not give is because you are not ready for it either. Let go of your ego. I see that you have a lot of frustration. But the key is 1 word: LOVE If you understand everything and treat your twin with love, and give it some time to rest, it will give you both time to think. Try not to communicate too much on a meditative level, because that does not work so well with pain and frustration. Only with love will you get there. Have faith, let it rest for a while. If you love something let it go. If it returns to you, it’s yours to keep. If it doesn’t, it never was! (Unknown)