Q0441. I would like a relationship with him, who has tips?


So hey respect for everyone here and I wish everyone here the best with all love and health! But I want to squeeze my hands that my Twin is not married and / or has children. My twin is 2 years older if I live in my area, he meets him at least twice a month but we really want a relationship with him but yes he is busy who has tips?

Does your twin also know what is going on? does he know and does he feel that this is very special? for me it was my twin who first had to shake me up, I knew from the first ‘renewed’ look that it was very special and I also immediately felt that click, it felt like a promise from heaven, then more and more came recognition with, also because he reacted with his gaze to my thoughts and then you knew what he and I had felt, telepathy. just let it feel when you feel what it feels, let love flow, in the end love energy came between us, a love from above, very beautiful, more and more is added. enjoy and open yourself for your twin, it can not help but that he will feel that .. and a different relationship can not stand, in the long run, (can take a really long time though) according to me,

Your twin has awakened you; did you let your twin know that you feel this too? he / she knows that but it is important. (Unknown)