S269. He brought me back my life

Jane (version 1)

After a relationship of 5.5 years I was put aside by my ex-boyfriend. I was so terribly heartbroken, sad, depressed, etc. I lost a lot of weight, lived on autopilot. Four months later I dreamed that a man would ring the bell. I opened the door and there was a beautiful man who reached out his hand. Confused, I took the hand and let myself be pulled along. He said come and trust me. He took me to a cafe / restaurant and said I am here to save you. I sat down and he put on an apron, worked there as a waiter. He put all kinds of delicious meals in front of me and held me in between. I was flooded with love … then I woke up. Rest, reflection, happiness and hop back to reality.

A few days later, the dream was already tucked away deeply, I went for a drink with a friend. Although I did not feel like it, prefer to lie in bed I felt so strong that I had to go with me. So I did. Less than two minutes later I was approached by a man. I felt my breath and the intense chemistry that I felt flowing through my body made my tears and sorrow of the past months completely irrelevant. There was such an intense bond, and he felt it too. That same night and the following days he bombarded me with messages.

This was the man from my dream. I noticed that we ended up in a roller coaster. He closed, unable to look at himself properly, I open and want to pull him to my level. This clashed in many ways. His character is blunt, cold, direct and closed. The love and intimacy, on the other hand, were so intense and strong. The best sex of my life. By the way, I don’t fall in love quickly, but with him it was already after ten seconds. Because we clashed on a personal level, and I noticed that he was going to attract repulsion, I also automatically we often got into a fight and misunderstanding. This resulted in many arguments, distance, yet again looking each other up and again .. now I have heard nothing for more than 2 weeks. I was the last person to contact me. My heart is crying.

Was he there to free me from my past? Has that succeeded and will he continue now? I have never felt the love I feel for him.

He brought me back my life. About three months ago I dreamed that he would come into my room at night. He lay down on me and kissed me. I asked if he could please stay. He answered ‘no, you must first finish your house. Then I stay ‘.

For me, the feeling of love for the soul is: He saved me, in every way a person can be saved.

Since the relationship has ended I feel: Emptiness, lack, gratitude, being incomplete.

I hope he has to go through his growth now, just as I do now and we will find each other again.

Jane (version 2)

I was in depression, had just been dumped by my ‘great’ love, to whom I continued to hold on because of the fear of change. Then I dreamed about my soulmate. I was taken from a house by him, and he said he was going to save me. Everything would be fine. He took me to a cafe and started serving me. Three days later I went into town for the first time, forced by my girlfriend. And there he was. And he served me, since he worked there. We were both sold directly to each other. Wouw, that feeling, indescribable. All my pain disappeared in one fell swoop.

It was like there was nobody in the room except him and me. He continued to visit me all evening, he couldn’t take his eyes off me and I couldn’t take mine from him. We hadn’t even imagined it yet, but his energy consumed my appetite, made my heart rage, and if he had asked me to marry me on the spot I would have said yes. I knew then that I loved him.

Love started mutual. We saw each other every day, and the intimate moments were magical. Pure magic. Unfortunately it soon became clear that we are not ready for each other and it is now over. He went his way and I took mine. I miss him terribly but have to let him go for now. He has not yet found his way in dealing with his ego, and I had to be careful not to give too much. He has yet to discover, and I heal. He has to learn to let go of fears and to give me more limits. I know he will come back one day. We didn’t even discuss this, it wasn’t even necessary. I know. He knows.

I want nothing more than a love affair. He, a beautiful man who is a few years younger, is attracted by so many women who yearn for him. I am not jealous, on the contrary, but I do not want to constantly wonder where he is with, especially given his work. He is also closed, anxious and insecure. I believe he should have been there for me in my depression, he has completed his task but now he has to go his own way. When he has walked it we will find each other again. I’m sure.

Every day I wake up with hope. Hope the day has come for him to come. I start my day, deny my feelings and lack, do everything to avoid having to worry about it and the further the day progresses the more I feel bad. I miss him terribly and it doesn’t get any less. I experience peace when I realize that I must move on and he will come in time.

He gave me so much intensely. I can’t even describe it. Such a pure love that I have never experienced before. I dream a lot about him, and in every dream he tells me that I first have to finish ‘my house’, and then he will stay.

The most beautiful moments have been the intimate moments, in which not only our souls became one, look at each other, but also our bodies.

I have never had such magic with someone like him.

I love him. I love him so deeply, overwhelmingly, morbidly, obsessively that I can let go of him to give him happiness and growth and I can work on myself.

I will never experience such love as this again.