Q0419. Confused?



Although I feel good about my development with twin, I am sometimes confused by my own mistakes, despondent; I tolerate it badly. thanks to the wonderful twin-feeling confidence in my twin and my own sobriety, I find the path again. I also know so much about him and not about him, he about me? I do not know. I don’t have to look into the future, if only I knew something about him, if only I could tell him something.

Take a good look at yourself then you will see / know for a long time how your twinflame is and will respond. basically just follow your intuition, only the things learned, conditioning will sometimes vary. can’t you have contact? mail / write each other if you at least have his address. but what are you looking for? to certainty? what I once noticed is that you can also feel that love if you can write to each other, that is certainly something and that is better than the exhausting distance that completely drives you crazy. I understand your despair, I love my twin so much but I can’t do anything with it and that makes me desperate, if only I could tell him anything, the things you experience, or if he feels that too, it would be so much nicer because you belong together, what do we do to each other by keeping such a distance. it is stifling and it makes you despondent, that cannot be the intention of such a pure love, it must just be there right? now I no longer really live, it is sometimes impossible! my work, my love for a! Other people keeps me going, but I have to miss my one and only Sweetheart and I don’t pull that anymore! Love (me)

Faults? I think those are growing-ups. why can’t you tell him anything? step over your fears and call or write or visit each other. learn together and go for each other, do not be told what belongs and does not belong, grow and help each other, but do go for each other and yes you may eventually have to let go, but then how and what do you see, grant each other the happiness with and with each other .. it cannot be stopped. from your answer I taste a lot of doubt, but you actually know each other through and through, the alignment of feelings, that is not the most important thing. Does the total picture first have to be right and then love comes? or does love come first and you adjust the picture thereby .. yes, think through! I am going for the last .. but yes someone sober (read; wise) first sees all bears on the road and is not guided by Love (read; God / universe), but by fear. (Unknown)