Q1022. How does your partner view the twinflame or does he not know?


How does your partner look at the twinflame or doesn’t know it.

Answer 1
He does not accept it, when it came up this was a direct reason for divorce. I lost my husband after almost 17 years of marriage. twinflame is fortunately still in my life, although not in earthly love relationship (is in marriage), but nothing is better than this. I would NEVER give him up! (Unknown)

Answer 2
He doesn’t know. Has no notion that this even exists. He does feel the special bond that I have with my twin, but he cannot argue. And I leave it that way. Nobody needs to know its ins and outs. There are plenty of people around us who see that Twin and I get along very well, who may suspect that we are very fond of each other. But they don’t know anything for sure, and both my twin and I leave it that way. We also never said to each other that we feel this, but you just know that about each other.

Answer 3
He knows nothing, I haven’t told him anything.

Answer 4
When I met my twinflame, we were both in a relationship. My friend at the time even tried to hide my twinflame so that I would not fall in love with my twinflame. Of course impossible and with company dinner the lightning was struck (my friend at the time and twinflame were colleagues). My friend at the time thought the soulmate event was all nonsense and thought that this was a seduction technique. His then wife blamed it on the illness and alcohol consumption of my twinflame. The relationship between me and my then friend ended because, among other things, I no longer loved him. The relationship between twinflame and his wife lasted two more years. She tried to keep him with her in every way, but naturally she thought of me. His ex took us apart last year. I now actually ‘wait’ until my twinflame really chooses his own feeling and doesn’t listen to others. Others cannot determine what you feel, but will see the strong bond and be jealous of this. Stay with your own feeling.
(Alicia Stuprijck)