Q0417. Are we each other’s soulmates?


then one weekend I was staying with a relative of his and I had to be taken away that evening when he came in a little later and was asked if he would take me away and he did that when he got me home had dropped off we looked each other in the eye and I got my first kiss from him from that time we had so! rkering …. but every now and then my 1st love flashed past in my mind and once we met again somewhere and we talked with each other again that spark was there immediately but it was only to talk and we went everyone’s us again own way … and I got a new relationship that now, n! 7 years on is.nu 20 years after that my childhood sweetheart last year contacted me again in a period that was a very difficult time for me and it sometimes stopped when I read his email I suddenly became very happy and again got that indescribable tickle in my belly and I knew immediately .. you were the part in my life that I had missed so terribly .. we have e-mailed back and forth to each other and meanwhile we know from each other that we have always thought of each other in all those years and he too was in a very difficult situation last year and past months and felt very lonely and alone like me … It took me a while before the penny dropped, but by knowing that we had whole conversations I was sure he is my soulmate we share so many things together that we have in common even our appearance we look a lot like each other also our thoughts are almost same and it often seems as if we are telepathically connected to each other as soon as I think of something like calling, texting, mail let you hear something! the phone rings, or msn a moment later and it is.

Reaction I wrote
this piece just recently and the bomb is now cracked … my soul love is in a divorce and I told my husband what I feel for my soul love he does not want to let go of me and threatens with everything and everything so I give it another chance although I already know that it is a missed opportunity because I will go for my soul love together with our kids anyway it’s just waiting for the right moment there is no stopping we have recognized each other and it can no longer be kept (Unknown)

Why do you give your marriage another chance then? Because your husband threatens with anything and everything? As if it is millions of dollars …. just like the banks, don’t be blackmailed. The soul goes for PURITY and for nothing else. And this applies entirely to twinflames. (Unknown)

Answer Is
your spouse threatening? Well I would soon leave such a one. that is certainly not love! That brings you down, that is heavy energy that makes you tired and miserable and maybe you yourself know that that therapy does not matter (therapy = a waste of your energy!) It is a postponement of execution, I think! (Unknown)

Answer I
thought of therapy but that was my own fantasy (did you read your story again, sorry) (Unknown)

This last answer from me is of course a bit harsh, try to keep looking at the other in love even though he is still doing so annoyingly, from experience I know that it works .. being the least sometimes is not bad , but don’t be blackmailed either. stay strong with yourself and threatening has nothing to do with love. I look at it, sometimes with humor, and see how the other person is trapped in matter, in control, and that is NOT so important. want to hold someone while they no longer want it, what’s the use of it? your spouse is also doing himself a bit too short, but he doesn’t want to see that yet, it will come soon .. (Unknown)