Q0406. Soul love?


I am not a special case, I already have a soulmate for 6 years, and I just can’t do without him, I feel alone without him, I am married and have only one will, with soulmate in particular, I would just do everything for him , it is so deep and he also knows that I like him, he is also a lot younger, but is that an objection if you love someone, our marriage does not mean anything anymore, we just live in the same house, what should I do my husband knows that I only love him.

Do you only love him? why are you still married? out of loyalty? I think that is a question for many of us on this site? how can you continue to ignore a love that is so great? this is a love from above that you can no longer ignore in the long run. Who are we to keep pushing away something so beautiful that God has placed on our path? is that perhaps a ‘quality’ of twinflames to place the other’s wishes above their own, for whom do you live? When you are ready, grow and pick up your life, your love. This is a gift from the source of love! it is time that this love may be seen in a world ruled by fear, afraid of what another person thinks of it, what another requires of us, fear of going your own way, fear of anything and everything .. choose for love! (Unknown)