Q0381. How do I make it clear to my soulmate that our love is not a disease?


He sees his love for me as a disease. I met my soulmate and we had a relationship for a while. Because he is under the slab with his wife and who let him break, he is now back with his wife. The point now is that thanks to his wife he sees his love for me as a disease. He is often depressed and has to take pills for his wife. How do I make it clear to my soulmate that our love is not a disease? Do I have to come across him on purpose to make love bloom again?

Perhaps both of you have not grown sufficiently spiritually, or he has not yet, the fact that he allows himself to be done by his wife and does not stand up for himself shows a lack of self-love, self-love is something that they must certainly have learned before they be able to share their lives together, if not then this will most likely not end well, you first have to learn some lessons, both of them !!! The best thing you can do now is to focus on yourself, no matter how difficult it is, learn to love yourself first, learn to become independent and more independent, learn to learn and try to tell this to him, talk to him maybe he realizes that? If he does not realize it and does nothing about it then it is not meant to be now, but do not lose hope because it is always possible that he still learns,