Q0371. How should I solve this, he doesn’t remember?


2 years ago I met my soulmate but he doesn’t believe this at all !! I myself am paranormally gifted, I have dreamed of him all my life. Was he finally in front of me but then he denies everything … In my heart I know for sure, how should I solve this? I have distanced myself and then he wants to go back and then he says that we are just friends. Is he right or am I fantasizing? Help me, I don’t know what to do anymore … Thank you in advance.

It may be that he is not yet in his development, keep careful with this, my twinflame did that too, I think he already knew before me what it meant what was between us, but it was immediately that strong bond and I had special experiences, the universe also pushed me that way. you do not only have to do it if it is meant that you come together then the circumstances will automatically become so that it will succeed. but first he probably has to become a bit “more awake” and by making occasional small remarks and making you know what the other person thinks (telepathy) you can wake him up. let him discover it for yourself then you have not pushed him that way but he will come, he will recognize himself in you, in the things you say, you do .. at least that’s how it went with me. took a long time .. (Unknown)