Q0366. When will you stop?


Already 4 months completely heard of someone I see as my soul love. I have been honest about a problem and then I have heard nothing; Honestly, I told her the truth too plainly. Mails are not answered; we do not live in the same country. I’ve tried a lot already. Do I have to stop now or just keep mailing?

If you have truly told the truth, however direct it may be, if you are an idd soulmate it will eventually forgive and understand you. such things are intense; she may need time. if there is a lot of ego in the way, it can take even longer. but you still feel each other … success (Unknown

Thank you for the answer and I understand this. Only letting go is very difficult. Already promised myself several times and now no longer send mail and yet after a few weeks, I cannot resist the urge. I do dream a lot about her and they are all dreams where she is very sweet and approached me very personally. (Unknown)